A blog post on facebook saying that 16 people died in a global Studios design template Park roller coaster accident in Orlando, Florida, is a scam.

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The fake write-up reads: “OMG!!! Leaked CCTV video clip caught the accident in universal Studios theme Park in Orland, Florida. It reflects that 16 people currently dead after the roller coaster was departed indigenous the rails and crashed right into the ground. There room 24 passengers all in all, 16 dead and 8 room in crucial condition. This video will no be televised on air as requested of the family members for privacy. Please continue with discretion. Watch this video here.”

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There’s an additional variation of the blog post from “Fox breaking News,” i m sorry is additionally a scam.

There is no video and the post merely leader the user come a fake on facebook phishing web page that attempts to trick users into offering up your login information.

Those who provide their details will certainly be required to a web page that has surveys, i beg your pardon ask for more personal information.

It is not recommended come share the post, “like” the post, fill the end one’s password or various other information, or fill out a survey.

“Users who perform click the connect in the expect of see the accident clip will an initial be required to a fake on facebook page and also asked come login v their account email address and password. To make the login request seem more legitimate, a post on the fake web page will case that an email address entered ‘does no belong to any kind of account’. Thinking that an error has occurred, some users may get in their facebook login details as requested,” reads a message from Hoax-Slayer about the scam.

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As a result, the scammers could get ahold of one’s facebook account and also spam out the messages even further.

If you believe that you have actually filled out your password and user account name via the phishing scam, that is recommended the you adjust your password.

The survey pages say they will offer out prizes in exchange for your mobile phone number, address, and also other personal information.

However, this will “actually i ordered it them come absurdly high-quality SMS subscription services. Or, they may be asked to provide an individual information as component of an offer. This info may later on be sold to virtual marketing outfits and also used to bombard victims through unwanted and also annoying emails, surface mail, text messages and also phone call,” claims Hoax-Slayer.

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