A MAN slowly bled to fatality over a FORTNIGHT after having his wisdom teeth taken out.

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The 26-year-old shared photos that bloodstained blankets ~ above the net days after the procedure, which took location at a dentist hospital in China.

Liu Guofan's household are accusing dentists in Hunan district of malpractice after that bled to fatality over the food of a fortnightCredit: AsiaWire

He common photos the bloodstained blankets and tissues ~ above an net forum in the days prior to his death

Now victim Liu Guofan's family members are accusing dentists in Hunan province of malpractice - and say the told them: "I think I'm going come die."

Mr Liu had actually his teeth gotten rid of at Changsha Stomatological Hospital on might 25.

But five days later, he took to Chinese forum Zhihu to explain his mouth gift "full the blood".

He stated in short articles on the forum that he'd to be bleeding non-stop "for days" - and also shared graphic pictures of tissues and blankets stained through blood.

He went back to the hospital for much more stitches the adhering to day.

But his sister Liu Huan said Chinese media firm Red Star News he ongoing to bleed, and also on June 4, he was taken to hospital.

The adhering to day, he was required to intensive care - but he died on June 9.

Hospital records say the cause of his death was sepsis and mind herniation resulted in by a cerebral haemorrhage.

Ms Liu said: “He even joked through me, saying: ‘I’m bleeding for this reason much, i think i’m going to die - nothing forget to help me pay turn off my mortgage once I do.’

“On fourth June, he felt so ill the he make the efforts to journey himself come hospital.

"He stopped halfway and was uncovered by the police. They took him over there in the end.”


Mr Liu’s doctor was said of his continuous bleeding and also was the one who said he return for much more stitches.

But the medic “did no take his problem seriously”, multiple sclerosis Liu claimed.

Medical records from Changsha main Hospital present Mr Liu he had a fever and a high white blood counting - both signs that his body was fighting one infection.

A additional report concluded that Mr Liu was likely to have been enduring with acute myeloid leukaemia.

The cancer provides patients much more susceptible come infections and can be fatal in ~ weeks if left untreated.

Ms Liu claimed her brother’s body to be cremated the job after his death and also taken ago home to their native province of Hubei.

It means a bone marrow test cannot be performed to check the leukaemia diagnosis.

Ms Liu, however, believes her brother’s dental surgeon is to blame, and also said the may have missed an essential treatment.

She said: “We think the hospital is in the wrong.

"That’s why I’ve to be trying to connect with them.

“My brothers told his dental surgeon about his condition, yet he never took him serious or detailed any ideal guidance.

“He missed his possibility to it is in treated together a result.”




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Ms Liu and also representatives indigenous the dentist hospital space to meet with Changsha’s medical conflicts arbitration committee tomorrow, according to reports.

Hospital officials case the an outcome of the case will count on whether mr Liu’s doctor had actually knowledge the his basic condition, and whether the performed due diligence prior to surgery.

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Changsha Stomatological Hospital did not respond to request for comment.

Five days after the procedure, grandfather Liu required to Chinese forum Zhihu come say his mouth to be "full that blood"
Mr Liu to be rushed to hospital after ~ bleeding for days - but he couldn't it is in savedCredit: AsiaWire