Visitors must sign a 40-page waiver kind before beginning McKamey Manor (Picture: Russ McKamey)

A haunted home is so twisted and also terrifying tourists are forced to sign a 40-page waiver accepting the use of tasers, drowning and the possibility of death.

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McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee, has actually earned a reputation as the scariest haunted house in the US.

Along v a gruelling physical fitness test, a elevator check and also a drug test, visitors need to also carry out a safe word and proof of medical insurance prior to entering the house.

No one has actually yet endured the 10-hour ordeal regardless of owner Russ McKamey promising $20,000 to anyone who buzzpatterson.commpletes the catalogue of horrors.

In recent days screengrabs that the manor’s waiver and also nondisclosure buzzpatterson.commmitment have to be circulated throughout Twitter, revealing the horrifying truth of what is in store for guests.

No one has ever before buzzpatterson.commpleted the tour regardless of a $20,000 prize (Picture: Russ McKamey)

Owner Russ McKamey has promised $20,000 to anyone who can finish the 10-hour ordeal (Picture Russ McKamey)

McKamey Manor’s nondisclosure agreement has to be circulated online (Picture:

‘When I usage the hypnosis I can put girlfriend in a kitty pool with a pair inches of water and tell friend there’s a good white shark in there, and also you’re gonna think there’s a shark in there.

‘And so, once you have that sort of power over people, and also have lock do and also see things that you want them buzzpatterson.comme see, climate they can leave right here thinking it really happened, and they’ll go to the authorities and also say, “Oh, whatever,” and also I have to buzzpatterson.comme ago and display the footage and say, “It didn’t walk that method at all’.’

The house has actually unsurprisingly achieved quite the level that notoriety among horror lovers and has featured top top Netflix’s Haunters: art of the Scare and also an illustration of Dark Tourist.

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And while anyone who buzzpatterson.commpletes the tour will receive $20,000 over there is of food a capture – visitors space fined for any type of use of profanity.

Mr McKamey added: ‘More of an inside tiny joke — the the manor is the most too much haunt in the world yet there’s no cussing involved.’

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