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FacebookMahlon Reyes

Reyes, 38, to be a father of four. The passed far in January 2021, according to The day-to-day Mail, from a cocaine overdose. Reyes remained in Whitefish, Montana once he suffered the heart attack.

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According to TMZ, that spoke to Flathead ar Sheriff and also Coroner Brian Heino, Mahlon’s reason of death has been detailed as acute cocaine intoxication.

Over the food of his time ~ above the show, Mahlon operated on the Seabrooke and Cape Caution.

Nick McGlashan

Discovery ChannelNick McGlashan top top ‘Deadliest Catch.’

Nick McGlashan appeared on Deadliest Catch for seven years and was a seventh-generation crab fisherman.

He passed away in Nashville in ~ the age of 33. According to Outsider, a drug report revealed the he passed away of a medicine overdose. The was discovered unconscious in his hotel room ~ above December 28, 2020.

McGlashan showed up in about 80 episodes of the discovery Channel show, from 2013 to 2020.

Blake Painter

Blake Painter, "Deadliest Catch" skipper, die at 38

— The Hollywood Reporter (

Blake Painter, that was 38, passed away in 2018 while in his residence in Oregon.

Distractify reported, “He was discovered several job after his yes, really death. A friend, involved when they hadn’t heard native him, visited go inspect on Blake and also saw that on the floor of his home. He contacted the police, who instantly arrived at the scene and also pronounced that dead on might 26.”

According to TMZ, a particular cause of death was never ever released, yet drugs were discovered near his body.

Joe McMahon

Former "Deadliest Catch" producer Joe McMahon shot and killed external his home:

— Entertainment this evening (

Joe McMahon functioned as an combine producer top top Deadliest Catch. He to be shot and killed in ~ the ripe period of 24, near his parents’ home in California in 2015.

According to the mountain Marino Tribune, the Los Angeles ar Sheriff’s room revealed the McMahon to be pronounced dead approximately 2 a.m.

The following day, Brandon Rafiepour was discovered dead indigenous a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Both males were team members on mountain Marino High School’s football team. Rafiepour to be later figured out as the killer, according to The day-to-day Mail.

Tony Lara

Tony Lara, "Deadliest Catch" Star, dies at 50 #RIP

— The Hollywood Reporter (
THR) respectable 11, 2015

Tony Lara was a previous captain on the Cornelia Marie. That passed away at period 50 after ~ a love attack.

Lara appeared on the show in 2011. Soon after his death, the show’s Facebook web page wrote, “May girlfriend RIP Captain Tony Lara… We recognize that you space up in heaven watching over the Cornelia Marie and also rest the the Bering Sea fleet.”

Over the food of his career, Lara showed up in six episodes of Deadliest Catch.

Justin Tennison

Justin Tennison to be a deckhand on the moment Bandit. The passed away at age 33, in 2011.

According come People, one autopsy later revealed his death was as result of “complications concerned sleep apnea.”

The Time Bandit post on Instagram, “It is with good sadness that the time Bandit family members announces the death of crew member Justin Tennison… Justin died peacefully in his sleep.”

Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson, Jake Anderson’s father, went absent in 2010. Follow to The day-to-day Mail, Anderson’s “his skeletal continues to be were found two years later on in landscape Washington state.”

His death has since been ruled a homicide.

According to Komo News, he to be a retirement counselor and also his “disappearance was specifically troubling to household members because he had never spent a night far from his wife in 43 years.”

Phil Harris

Getty In this handout from discovery Channel, Captain Phil Harris that Cornelia Marie is seen. Harris, 53, who appeared on the television present “Deadliest Catch,” died February 10, 2010 the a hit he endured in January.

Captain Phil Harris, who remained in charge of the Cornelia Marie, passed away at period 53 in 2010. His death arisen ten job after enduring a stroke while unloading crab ~ above his fishing watercraft in Alaska.

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Deadliest Catch aired a unique episode in honor of the Captain’s death on July 20, 2010.

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