‘Wipeout’ is a truth game show that is a reboot of the television display of the very same name (aka ‘Total Wipeout’) that aired in between 2008-2014. The new iteration is equally daunting and physically demanding as the old one. ~ above the video game show, contestants have to properly navigate an obstacle course to maybe win the cool prize. These obstacles need contestants to present their physical and also mental strength.

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The participants’ attempts deserve to sometimes end with hilarious fails, causing them to splash into the water neighboring the course. When the game is fun and challenging, that is tough not to wonder about its safety and also whether or no participating in the display has showed fatal for any contestants. Us did part investigation, and also here’s every little thing we learned in the regard.

Has anyone Ever passed away on Wipeout?

Without any kind of doubt, the obstacle process of ‘Wipeout’ room challenging. They may not need a height physical problem as, say ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ but they space significantly an overwhelming in regards to physicality. As a result, contestants do frequently get injured, and sometimes these injuries are certainly serious. Previous contestants have actually shared your experiences and talked about the physicality that the show’s obstacle course in an virtual forum.

While no an awful lot of contestants have been seriously injured, two contestants have actually sadly lost their lives, yet not top top the show. Michael Paredes, a 38-year-old contestant, died shortly ~ taping an episode of the reboot collection in November 2020. Similarly, Tom Sparks, a 33-year-old participant, also died indigenous complications emerging from health and wellness woes during the filming of an illustration of the earlier iteration of the show.

How go Michael Paredes Die?

Michael Paredes fell down from the obstacle course throughout his attempt to navigate it. After falling into the water, he might not lift himself out and had come be pulled out. Paredes experienced a cardiac arrest and had to it is in resuscitated prior to he was taken to the hospital, whereby he passed away the following day, ~ above November 19, 2020.

Image Credit: Michael Paredes and also Roseanne DeRosa/ Facebook

As every reports, his autopsy revealed the Paredes died of natural reasons — blockage in his coronary arteries and an acute case of pneumonia, to be precise. His fiancée, who additionally participated in the game show, revealed the both she and Paredes had actually passed the medical screening round participants must clear to compete on the show.

The clinical tests consist of of a drug test, a Covid-19 test, and also an electrocardiogram (ECG) test. She likewise revealed the Paredes exercised twice a day, 5 days a week, thereby making his fatality shocking and untimely. Our thoughts and prayers space with the friends and also family the Michael Paredes during this an overwhelming period in your lives.

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How go Tom Sparks Die?


During the filming that an illustration (season 3 illustration 6) of the older version of ‘Wipeout’ in October 2009, Tom Sparks expressed that was emotion pain in the knee and found it difficult to breathe. That was taken to a hospital wherein he received clinical treatment yet passed far on November 5, 2009. Together per reports, Sparks had actually antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, a rare medical condition that causes unnatural and unexpected blood clots. Sparks’ cause of fatality was revealed to it is in a stroke.