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Millionaire Forrest Fenn hid a treasure what in the Rocky Mountains. 5 men died searching because that it.

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"48 Hours" reveals new details, seldom seen photos and also exclusive interviews in "The Fenn Treasure."

The Fenn Treasure

Gabriela Campos/eyevine/Redux

In 2010, 80-year-old millionaire art dealer Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest somewhere north of Santa Fe and south that Canada in the Rocky Mountains.

Chest the Gold

Forrest Fenn

The 10x10-inch chest contained gold coins, gems and jewelry, and also was worth at the very least $1 million.

Unusual treasure Map

Sacha Dent

Forrest Fenn wrote a 24-line poem, containing nine clues, and included that in his self-published memoir, "The Thrill the the Chase." Fenn said the poem would cause the treasure.

The find Begins

Sacha Dent

Sacha Dent approximates she spent an ext than 10,000 hours doing research online and went out on more than 300 trips to uncover the treasure, frequently alone. She carried a pink pistol for protection.

Extreme Commitment

bill Curry

Katya Luce sold every little thing she owned and also moved to brand-new Mexico to it is in closer to the find area. She estimates she invested $75,000 over 7 years do the efforts to uncover Forrest Fenn"s gold.

The first Death

Randy Bilyeu/Facebook

In January 2016, Randy Bilyeu and also his dog Leo set off to find for the endowment in the Rio Grande northwest of Santa Fe. Bilyeu was gone for 10 days before he to be reported missing.

The just One Rescued

Satoshi Mori

A helicopter crew uncovered Randy Bilyeu"s raft and also rescued Leo. But Bilyeu"s human body wasn"t recovered until six months later.

An regrettably Accident

nationwide Park company

In June 2017, Jeff Murphy was searching in Yellowstone nationwide Park once he slipped and fell off a cliff.

The third Fatality

Paris Wallace/Facebook

Just a main later, Colorado minister Paris Wallace check to cross the Rio Grande close to the Taos Junction Bridge and drowned.

Call to finish the Hunt

CBS News

Following Paris Wallace"s death, the brand-new Mexico State Police chief request Forrest Fenn to contact off the hunt. Fenn refused, but urged searchers to be more careful and reminded them no to go all over an 80-year-old male couldn"t go.

The Thrill that the Chase

Eric Ashby/Facebook

Eric Ashby relocated from Tennessee come Colorado to find for Fenn"s treasure.

Death ~ above the River

Fremont county Sheriff"s Office

Eric Ashby drowning in the Arkansas River outside Cañon City, Colorado. A photographer captured this photo of his north raft.

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The Storm Passed?

Jay Raynor

For practically three years, no one else died, and searchers continued to hunt for the treasure, including Dan Barbarisi, who wrote a book around the hunt.

On the Hunt

Steve Inlow

In march 2020, Mike Sexson walk searching close to Dinosaur national Monument. He had actually searched the area nearly a dozen times before and also wanted come go the end one more time before the COVID-19 lockdown.

The critical Loss

Utah Highway Patrol

Mike Sexson and his girlfriend Steven Inlow ran the end of supplies and also couldn"t obtain cell organization to contact for help. Inlow made it through by drink his very own urine, however Sexson succumbed to hypothermia. His body was airlifted turn off the mountain.

The finish of the Hunt

Dan Barbarisi

Three months later, Forrest Fenn reported that the treasure had been found. He later revealed the was uncovered in Wyoming. Jack Stuef, who uncovered the treasure, hasn"t revealed wherein he uncovered it, saying he doesn"t desire the spot come turn right into a tourist attraction. Fenn passed away in September 2020.