REENA rose SIBAYAN/The Jersey JournalVeteran Bob button stands in his Jersey City residence next to photos of himself in the Navy, marine Corps and Army. Switch has offered in all 5 branches of the military.

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But the term, supplied to define a hockey player who scores three goals throughout a game, doesn't go far enough.

The 80-year-old Jersey City resident offered in all five branches that the military prior to retiring in 1989 and continues to paris his personal aircraft as a member the the U.S. Shore Guard Auxiliary.

His service started in 1945 once he lied about his age to sign up with the seller Marine, i beg your pardon serves together the navy auxiliary during wartime. He provided his seaman files to sign up because that the draft and also joined the marine the same year.

Although he to be kicked the end for being as well young, switch joined the military Air pressures in 1946 and also served v a night-fighter squadron.

After his service, he went to college ~ above the people War II GI Bill, however when the korean War damaged out, he enlisted in the military again.

Button was sent out to Korea, whereby he offered at teen Ridge, Old Baldy and Pork Chop Hill. He was awarded 3 Purple Hearts because that being hurt in combat.

He performed long-range patrols behind opponent lines and also became such an skilled in evasion the after leave the army in 1953, the naval Corps rental him to teach police officers what to execute if captured.

He left the Marines in 1960 and also was recruited by the military Special Forces, together a sergeant major, and wore a eco-friendly beret through a reserve unit prior to he retired. He had hoped to serve in Vietnam.

When he retired and also his wife, Regina Ortenzi Button, allow him acquisition a little aircraft, he join the coast Guard, making that a "military hat trick," as he call it.

Over the years, switch served v elite systems that incorporate the Army's 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne department and the Army's Baker Company, 3rd "Old Guard" Infantry Regiment, the ceremonial unit in ~ Arlington nationwide Cemetery.

He hosted several civilian jobs during his career, consisting of as windy affairs officer because that the Army and also NASA.

At NASA, he functioned with the experimental aircraft regime at Edwards Air force Base, whereby he met astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Katie button is in the Navy's parenting program and also Frank switch joined the Army and also is offer in Korea.

"He's in few of the areas I was," Robert button said. "He decided on the army because the me."

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