Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart pulled out part witchcraft ~ above Sunday night when she ended up being the first celebrity to win the $1 million compensation (for charity) top top Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

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In a hard-fought battle versus Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess and also Party that Five actress Lacey Chabert, Hart asserted victory, make her just the 4th contestant in franchise history to win $1 million, with the last occurrence being in September that 2014.

“I would favor to say witchcraft to be involved,” Hart called USA Today. “But to it is in honest, i prayed a lot much more than any type of kind that sorcery. Ns literally prayed every round, specifically that win round. I’d close my eyes and say, ‘God, provide me focus and also calm and let me just read these letters."”

The magnificent intervention an unified with Hart’s problem-solving skills led she to victory as she be crazy the wheel, landing on Million disagreement Wedges twice and solving both puzzles. In total, she racked increase $1.039,800 for Youth Villages, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping emotionally and also behaviorally troubled children and also their families.

“It was super exciting and also pretty nerve-wracking; I seldom win video game shows,” Hart added. The Clarissa defines It All star had previously appeared on an edition of Celebrity Jeopardy! in 1998, losing out to The Wonder Years gibbs Fred Savage. However, this time, Hart had actually brushed increase on she Wheel of Fortune skills.

“My mom used to watch the present every night prior to dinner,” said Hart, who admitted to being a longtime pan of the ABC game show. She also practiced ~ above the Wheel the Fortune application every night after placing her youngest boy Tucker come bed. “I wasn’t going to walk in there blind; I’m a all set person,” she stated.

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Hart mutual a clip of her win on she Instagram page, writing, “What an impressive feeling to understand I had the ability to win the happy jackpot for
youthvillages this evening on
celebritywheeloffortune. Had actually such fun with
officialvannawhite and also #PatSajak
thereallacey and also
instatituss. What a ride! note to self: let Pat construct suspense next time!”