This clues the 2nd time this month a lottery winner has credited a happiness cookie because that his windfall.

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A Michigan guy who won much more than $300,000 in the lottery states he acquired his lucky numbers native a fortune cookie.

"I"ve been playing these numbers because that a lengthy time," the guy said. "I don"t remember once I got that luck cookie, however I carry out remember reasoning the number looked lucky, so i went with it."


A Michigan male won more than $300,000 in the state lottery making use of numbers he found in a happiness cookie.Getty ImagesHe purchase his winning ticket at the refer Mart Party Shopp top top West Michigan Avenue.

"My daughter and also granddaughter were end Saturday morning and we celebrated my granddaughter passing her driving test. After castle left, I checked my ticket and got exceptionally nervous when I saw I suitable all 5 numbers. I had actually to to convince everyone ns was the winner because no one would think me."

After picking up his winnings at Lottery headquarters on Monday, the winner claimed he plans on using the accumulation to pay some bills, take it a expedition and assist family members.

"I"m most likely on the hook for a new car because that my granddaughter. This is a the majority of money and also I"ve gained to do the appropriate thing v it."


Five Thirty-Eight uncovered that utilizing some combination of number from a fortune has a slightly far better chance of win the lottery 보다 random digits.Getty ImagesPlaying the numbers from your fortune cookie might not be as crazy together it sounds: earlier this month, a retired north Carolina guy won a $344.6 million Powerball making use of numbers from his fortune. Charles W. Jackson Jr. States his granddaughter brought earlier a fortune cookie because that him from a Vietnamese restaurant and he decided to play the numbers written the cookie"s paper.

In 2015, A Florida man won a $10 million lottery jackpot utilizing numbers he discovered in a luck cookie.

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And in 2005, 110 world matched 5 of the six Powerball numbers, selecting their numbers—22, 28, 32, 33, 39—from a cookie.

Wondering if there was something come this, 5 Thirty-Eight looked at the number on an ext than a thousands fortune cookie in 2017, to compare them come the number in twenty years of Powerball drawings. It turns out the cookies" numbers did slightly better than random digits

"Maybe the happy numbers were added into the fortune cookies after those Powerball wins," wrote 5 Thirty-Eight"s Walter Hickey. "Or, according to Occam"s razor, play numerous thousand lotteries with several thousand combinations, and you"ll fight a winner eventually."