In the ’60s, Betty White met and also fell in love with her third husband, Allen Ludden, if in the midst of furthering her television career. Because that 18 years, White and Ludden had actually a great relationship. However despite your blissful marriage, the Golden girls actor has one big regret about her romance v the late television personality — and it’s rather heartbreaking.

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Betty White and also Allen Ludden | Walt Disney television via Getty images Photo Archives

Betty White met Allen Ludden on ‘Password’

Over the years, human being have involved know and also love White’s career as an entertainment artist on TV. However what is not often talked about, however, is she love life.

Though she is at this time single, White has actually been to the altar 3 times in her life. She an initial got married to united States army Air forces aircraft pilot cock Barker in 1945. After ~ a year-long union, White acquired a divorce from Barker.

Following that, White married Hollywood actor lane Allen in 1947, yet this connection was short-lived, just like her an initial marriage.

After two failed marriages, the was beginning to seem favor White wasn’t reduced out because that the married life. However, that all readjusted in the at an early stage ’60s as soon as she met tv personality Allen Ludden while appearing on his hit video game show, Password.

Betty White regrets no marrying Allen Ludden earlier

In 1961, White flew out to new York City to appear on Ludden’s new TV show.

Password would attribute two teams, every one consists of a celebrity and also a “civilian” contestant. Throughout the game, the bag would provide each other one-word ideas to guess a secret word.

Ludden held the show, and also when White make a guest appearance, they instantly hit it off. The two arisen a relationship from there and also went ~ above to have actually a year-long courtship.

During that time, Ludden had actually proposed come White an ext than once. But due come the Life v Elizabeth star feeling favor a “failure” after ~ her very first two marriages, she turned under Ludden’s proposals for months before finally agreeing come tie the knot v him in 1963.

Allen Ludden and also Betty White| CBS via Getty Images

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“I retained saying no because that a year,” White recalled come Newsweek in 2011, “Finally, Easter come along. He sent me a white stuffed bunny v diamond earrings clipped to its ears and also a card the said, ‘Please speak Yes?’ So once I reply the phone the night, ns didn’t to speak hello, I simply said, ‘Yes."”

It appeared that White had actually finally uncovered her happily ever before after, enjoy it 18 years of wedded bliss with Ludden, until 1981, when he sadly passed away from stomach cancer.

The actor didn’t marry again ~ that.

In 2015, White revealed to Oprah Winfrey the her just relationship regret was not marrying Ludden sooner.

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“I invested a entirety year, wasted a entirety year the Allen and I can have had actually together, saying, ‘No, ns wouldn’t marry him,"” she called Winfrey ~ above an illustration of Where room They Now. “I wasted a entirety year we might have had actually together, but we made it. We lastly did.”

Betty White tho considers it s her ‘lucky’ in spite of it all

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Since the lose of her husband, White has specialized her life to her sitcom work and also animals, which happen to be two of her greatest passions

“I’m the luckiest human in the world,” she previously told TvGuide, per do You Remember? “My life is divided in absolute half: half animals, fifty percent show business. They’re the two points I love the most, and also I need to stay in show service to pay because that my animal work!”

But despite living an amazing life, the comedic actor revealed come Closer Weekly that there to be one point she missed having actually someone to hold.

However, White has actually sworn turn off the idea the marrying a 4th time, informing Anderson Cooper in 2011, “I had actually the love of my life. If you’ve had actually the best, who demands the rest?”