NEW YORK — 3 years after gift fired by NBC due to the well known “Access Hollywood” tape, Billy bush is hope to usage his suffer in television’s wilderness come his benefit in his brand-new job.

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Bush starts Monday as organize of the revamped pop culture news show, “Extra,” currently titled “ExtraExtra.” He was a increasing star just hired together a host on the “Today” display when ice emerged throughout the 2016 presidential project of him laughing in ~ lewd remarks do by Donald Trump prior to an figure on “Access Hollywood” 11 years earlier.

That gave him a distinct view native the within of a media maelstrom, and also he’s making use of it together a selling suggest to soil interviews v celebrities in similar situations. The idea: I, much more than anyone, know what you’re walking through, and I’m no going come make points worse.

“I’ve already connected v several human being I’m watching appropriate now obtaining the flogging and the publicly shaming and also the cancel culture and every that,” he said. “I’m the very first one to with out and also say, ‘You recognize you’re in good hands through me.’

“It’s no that i’m going to nurture you,” shrub said. “But ns am going to be incredibly fair and also empathetic that the human condition, i beg your pardon is that we’re all hard-wired for an excellent and evil, and also we’re no at our finest sometimes.”

For vain reasons, the only example that his executive producer, Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, will point out is a “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant.

Gregorisch-Dempsey knew bush in the early days of his career, prior to he relocated to “Access.” v George W. Bush in the White House, she tried to find someone in the bush family because that “Extra” and also jokes, “We thought they were going to lug us a yes, really cute kid of Jeb Bush.” Billy Bush, a cousin of the president, had been working on a radio display in Washington.

Now, with changes to her show, she considered shrub “the only person who can do what we’re doing,” since of his report ability.

“There’s no a human being I’ve ever talked to who didn’t say the he acquired a raw deal,” Gregorisch-Dempsey said. “Life is about 2nd chances.”

Bush had actually to wonder if the time would certainly come. Throughout his “forced hiatus,” together he phone call it, he’d hear from world who were interested in rental him yet terrified that the attention it can get. “Nobody wants that irradiate to swing roughly on them,” the said.

“I was like, ‘OK, now what?’” the said. “Maybe I’ll be a butcher. No, I’m negative with knives. Probably I’ll walk to legislation school? No, you’re as well old because that that. And then I just realized this is really what I’m great at. It’s what ns love, darn it. Open up that door and also let me back in.”

He stated he own his habits — laughing and also not pushing back versus coarse remarks — and also isn’t interested in playing the victim.

Still, he said the irony that the person who regulated the conversation captured on the “Access Hollywood” tape ended up being president of the United claims isn’t lost on him. (He called Fox’s “Good Day brand-new York” that Trump never ever reached the end to him.) NBC, which owned “Access Hollywood,” played its role, “but i’m the one that paid,” the said.

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“Once you acquire through the depression and failure and you’re at the lowest of the low, you slowly come out, and you realize, ‘Wow, i’m glad it is behind me,’” that said. “It’s choose going to the gym, friend know. ‘Oh, I hate going, and I don’t want to work out, but when ns come the end it’s like, OK, ns feel quite good.’ and I feel stronger for the experience, back I’d never want come relive it again.”

Bush isn’t interested in act “gotcha journalism” and “ExtraExtra” isn’t, either, Gregorisch-Dempsey said.

“He really was an extremely thoughtful about working top top himself and improving himself, and he sort of saw the depth of wherein a person could go,” she said. “He walk the work and brought self back, and his brand-new perspective is rather refreshing.”




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