Billy shrub felt betrayed by Matt Lauer when shrub was fired by NBC in 2016 — after i beg your pardon he invested months drinking heavily, too “paralyzed” to obtain off his couch and also unable to protect against crying.

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Billy bush in Men’s HealthCeleste Sloman

In a open minded interview through Men’s Health, Bush, 48, recalls gift axed indigenous the “Today” show after simply two months on the project for his duty in the infamous “Access Hollywood” outtake v Donald Trump from 11 years earlier.

After the tape circulated, shrub was prepared to to apologize on-air and also believed he had actually Lauer’s support. Bush now claims of his then-co-anchor, “That he didn’t fight for me is so deeply hurtful since I’ve well-known him because that absolutely ever.” (Men’s wellness reports that Lauer didn’t comment.)

Bush rather learned he was canned when he do the efforts to acquire a automobile to the airport prior to flying ago to brand-new York. The driver who was supposed to take him said, “Sorry, Mr. Bush. They simply canceled the car.”

Having recently separated native his wife, shrub holed increase alone in one apartment drink too much whiskey, the piece reports.

Billy Bush and also Matt LauerGetty Images; Splash News

Four months into the situation, he stated he said his brother, “I’m paralyzed. I can’t acquire off mine couch. I can’t protect against crying. I can’t prevent thinking terrible thoughts of what ns would desire to perform to myself if ns didn’t have youngsters … Help.”

Billy Bush and also Matt Lauer ~ above “Today” in 2016NBCU picture Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

He then went because that a weeklong treatment dubbed the Hoffman Process.

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Since return to “Extra” critical year, shrub says that looks back at self in the tape and sees a “little suck-up cog,” “little suck-up Billy Bush,” “the fluffer.”

But that admits the wouldn’t do it again differently: “I’m no going to offer a pandering answer. Ns sorry. Ns can’t,” he told writer Anna Peele.

The bush scion — who claims that prior to his NBC firing, “nothing negative ever occurred to me” — now realizes the “life isn’t fair,” and that gaining canned “was vital for my breakthrough … I necessary to have actually my ass handed come me.”