Next question, please! Caitlyn zener confirmed during a wide-ranging 20/20 interview v Diane Sawyer on Friday, April 21, the she underwent sex reassignment surgery, however didn’t desire to say also much around the procedure itself.

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“I’m no going to dwell on that subject,” the previous Olympian, 67, called Sawyer, 71. “It’s no an appropriate question come ask a infectious diseases world fashion person.” zener did, however, reveal that she walk under the knife this past January.

The reality star clarified that even though she opted to experience the surgery and also decided to write about it in her brand-new memoir, she “wasn’t less a woman the day prior to I had the surgical treatment than the job after the surgery, since that go not specify who i am together a human being.” Rather, she said, what provides a woman a mrs is “what’s between your ears.”


Caitlyn zener on ’20/20.’ alphabet News

“I’ve grown into Caitlyn,” she continued. “It’s tough to take 65 year of being Bruce and being male, and then, like, overnight, every little thing changes. At first you don’t know just how to manage it.”

Jenner came out as transgender in April 2015, and also made headlines a few months later, in June 2015, when she extended Vanity same wearing a strapless white bodysuit.

“I know my kids, lock thought, You understand what, it’s a little too much,” she said. “But, from mine standpoint, I had actually suffered because that 65 years. To have a beautiful shoot of mine authentic me was important and also the shock value. I wanted to finish the old Bruce, my old life, and also that photo did it.”

Jenner shares 2 daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, through ex-wife Kris Jenner, and helped progressive Kris’ four children from her previous marital relationship to Robert Kardashian Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and also Rob. However she admitted in the 20/20 interview that she’s end up being “distant” from part members that the Kardashian clan. The LGBT spokeswoman likewise has 4 other children (Brody, Brandon, Cassandra and also Burt) indigenous her an initial two marriages.

Overall, however, Jenner claimed that she feel “happy” v where she at. “ tranquility in my soul,” she called Sawyer. “All that confusion has left me.” Jenner’s memoir, The tricks of my Life, is out Tuesday, April 25.

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