MSNBC and CNN’s ratings space seriously slumping, as Fox News and its right-wing media allies have actually relentlessly pointed out. Yet that, that course, is not the complete picture.

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If you’ve been on Fox News’ digital news site or bouncing about the right-wing media ecosphere in recent weeks, did you do it no doubt come throughout an article or three about the current collapse in viewership at CNN and MSNBC. And the tanking ratings have largely to be tied come the “credibility” issues the 2 networks supposedly have actually in covering President Joe Biden’s administration following Donald Trump’s exit from the White House.

Lost in all this coverage, however, is one stubborn fact: Fox News has additionally suffered a precipitous drop in that viewership.

Following a record-setting year in cable news viewership that was spurred by a once-a-century pandemic and also a dramatic presidential election—which climate climaxed with a one-two punch of trumped inciting an insurrection and also Biden’s inauguration—ratings have actually tumbled throughout the plank as attention in politics has waned.

During the month of January, because that instance, CNN delighted in its most-watched month yet, illustration a day-to-day average of 1.907 million complete viewers and also a full primetime audience that 2.737 million. In ~ the exact same time, during that very same month, Fox News finished 3rd in cable-news ratings for the an initial time in 20 years, averaging 1.374 million viewers in complete day and also 2.621 million in primetime. MSNBC, for its part, was second across the board the month, drawing 1.662 million viewers every day and 2.658 million in primetime.

One remarkable thing, however, about the big audiences the CNN and MSNBC pulled in during that month is the enormous growth it knowledgeable from the very same time the vault year. Fox News, on the various other hand, actually suffered a year-to-year autumn in viewership, in spite of the historic news cycle.

Compared come January 2020, CNN virtually tripled its viewership in the key 25-54 demographic, and an ext than doubled its full daily viewership and its primetime audience both overall and also in the vital demographic. MSNBC also saw double-digit year-to-year growth throughout the plank in both full day and also primetime viewership.

Fox, however, suffered decreases throughout, suffering a 20 percent drop in total day viewership and also losing 14 percent in complete primetime audience contrasted to January 2020. Fox News was likewise down double-digits in the vital demographic.

The shocking third-place end up by Fox News in January and the erosion of its audience was mainly chalked as much as disgruntled trumped supporters that not just felt Fox News no sufficiently loyal to the soon-to-be ex-president but likewise blamed the conservative network for Trump’s electoral loss.

The inauguration, though, spelled a high point for CNN and also MSNBC. Indigenous there, viewers began tuning out—quickly.

Within weeks of Biden acquisition office, Fox News once again retook the spot together the most-watched cable news channel while its rivals cleared up back right into their familiar also-ran spots. And also Fox’s media team didn’t waste any type of time pointing the out.

Soon enough, Fox’s digital site was littered with posts crowing about how MSNBC’s “ratings endure without Trump to vilify” and that delight Reid had actually her “worst mainly ever.” A constant target for ridicule has additionally been CNN chef media correspondent Brian Stelter—whom Sean Hannity and also Tucker Carlson regularly mock because that his physics appearance—with several pieces committed solely come his show’s plummeting post-inauguration ratings.

After this year’s second-quarter ratings to be released this week, Fox’s media division dedicated no much less than five short articles in the expectancy of a solitary day come CNN’s struggling viewership. 2 pieces were merely based roughly how Trump and also a trump card loyalist congresswoman mocked CNN anchor Jake Tapper over a different Fox News short article hitting Tapper ~ above his ratings drop.

The centerpiece that this coverage, however, was an evaluation piece citing “experts” declare CNN and also MSNBC ratings autumn are as result of a “serious credibility problem” through viewers. Amongst the professionals for such unscientific media analysis were a conservative law blogger, Fox News contributor Joe Concha, a conservative comedian, and the vice chairman of a conservative anti-media organization.

Notably, throughout this pieces, little to no cite is make of Fox’s very own ratings plummet compared to both January that this year and also June and second quarter of last year. But, that course, the did not prevent the narrative native dutifully being spread across the right-wing media ecosystem.

While Fox News led June v 1.169 million complete daily viewers (Monday-Sunday), they are still down 35 percent contrasted to June of critical year, when they averaged an as whole audience that 1.790 million in total day viewership. This is reasonably in line v the declines CNN (49 percent) and MSNBC (37 percent) have seen in the same period. Among viewers in the crucial demographic, Fox News is under 42 percent year-to-year for full day audience, contrasted to CNN’s 60 percent and MSNBC’s 42 percent declines.

In Monday-Sunday primetime, Fox has actually suffered a larger audience decrease year-to-year in June than MSNBC, dropping 42 percent in total viewership and also 50 percent in the vital demo contrasted to MSNBC’s 36 percent and 48 percent, respectively. CNN, meanwhile, has actually seen that primetime audience sink 57 percent and also 68 percent in the key demographic compared to last year.

Comparing the second-quarter ratings year-to-year, Fox News’ decreases were slightly much more pronounced. In day-to-day Monday-Sunday viewership, Fox dropped 39 percent in total audience and 44 percent in the crucial demo. In contrast, MSNBC sank 30 percent in complete viewership and also 41 percent in the demographic, while CNN was under 45 percent and 52 percent, respectively.

And when looking at just Monday-Friday primetime, which features Fox’s top-rated programming like Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity, the network has actually experienced a 40-percent fall in complete viewership in June contrasted to critical year, in addition to a decrease of 49 percent in the vital demo. In the 2nd quarter, Fox’s year-to-year total audience drop was 39 percent and also 43 percent among viewers in the ad-friendly, periods 25-54 demographic.

Another data allude underscoring just how cable-news viewership is down throughout the plank is the power of Greg Gutfeld’s brand-new Fox News late-night “comedy” show. Since debuting in April, it has conveniently won that timeslot and outperformed every among CNN’s continuous programs, other Fox and Gutfeld have repeatedly touted.

At the very same time, it there is no come near to corresponding what Fox News
did in the very same 11 p.m. Time slot last year in both total and vital demographic viewership—a 29 percent diminish in the former and a 36 percent fall in the latter.

While CNN suffered higher year-to-year casualty in M-F primetime because that both the second quarter (48 percent in complete viewers) and the month of June (55 percent in as whole audience) 보다 Fox, MSNBC saw considerably less leakage. Because that June, MSNBC was under 31 percent in complete viewership and also 44 percent in the demographic contrasted to a year ago. And as because that the second quarter, MSNBC to reduce 23 percent in viewers overall and 33 percent in the crucial demographic.

Of course, as for the ratings losses from January come June 2021, the is correct that Fox News has actually suffered far less far-reaching declines than its rivals. In ~ the exact same time, the network has likewise seen a drop in the viewership over the time period. And, as previously noted, Fox actually suffered a loss in viewership in January during a historical news cycle if CNN and MSNBC competent record-high ratings.

CNN has actually slumped 70 percent in the daily complete viewership, 75 percent in its full day demo, and also 78 percent in that primetime viewership in the an essential demographic. MSNBC, too, checked out a far-ranging drop indigenous its historic January highs. The channel’s daily complete audience has sunk 54 percent, with similar slumps in its full day and also primetime viewership in the crucial demographic.

While Fox News’ January-to-June losses aren’t almost everywhere near as severe, castle still reach double-digit slides across the board. For instance, in the primetime demo, Fox is down 22 percent. In the full day viewership because that the vital demographic, the network has burned 19 percent the its audience.

And when looking simply at their vaunted weekday primetime lineup, Fox News is down 26 percent in the ages 25-54 category and 19 percent in full viewership compared to January. And also all three reflects were under in January contrasted to the year before.

Hannity, because that instance, was down 21 percent in in its entirety viewership and also 20 percent in the vital demographic compared to January 2020. The Ingraham Angle, another MAGA-boosting opinion show, experienced a year-to-year 27 percent decline in viewers overall and also 22 percent in the demo. In comparison, MSNBC’s weekday primetime lineup all knowledgeable double-digit growth, and also CNN’s mirrors in the 8 p.m. Come 11 p.m. Slot to be up triple digits.

In the end, what one sees is that cable news viewership—regardless of ideological bent—is down across the spectrum.

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When looking year-to-year, Fox News has experienced a similar plunge in your ratings as CNN and MSNBC. And also while Fox has not competent the autumn in viewership due to the fact that January the its rivals have suffered, both CNN and MSNBC observed an explosion of new viewers at the start of the year when Fox News had shed a large percentage the its audience post-election.

It’s a offered that Fox News would push a an unfavorable narrative around its competitors, and of food the wider media paper definition is shed on the right-wing outlets that rise it. However the fact is that every one of cable news is slumping—and at some point Fox might want to avoid talking about anyone else’s “credibility gap.”