Conor McGregor has actually been knocked out when over the course of his long and also storied combat sporting activities career.

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The well known One’s only knockout loss as a skilled combat athlete came in his professional boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Has Conor McGregor ever before been knocked out?

We’ve every heard rumors around world-renowned fighters being knocked out in sparring sessions. While several of them have later been shown as true, others are shrouded in mystery.

Conor McGregor’s case is no different. It’s likely that the former UFC double champion can have to be knocked the end one or an ext times during sparring sessions behind closed doors. However, once it involves performing under the bright lights, the to mark savant and well-rounded fighter has actually never to be knocked the end in his MMA career.

Nevertheless, his professional boxing job is a various story. McGregor’s only contended once in the sports of pro boxing – losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Via TKO (technical knockout) in round 10. Your bout took ar on respectable 26th, 2017, and is the second highest-selling boxing PPV of all time.

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"I believed it to be close. He"s really composed. Fair play come
FloydMayweather." #ConorMcGregor
TheNotoriousMMA #MayweatherMcGregor

— UFC (
ufc) respectable 27, 2017

Floyd Mayweather is currently the just fighter who has actually KO’d Conor McGregor

Of the numerous things that were disputed before and also after the fight, two moments stood out. First was a beautiful uppercut by Conor McGregor that rocked Floyd Mayweather’s head earlier in ring one. Secondly, McGregor’s vicious body shot in round eight, prior to the referee controversially stepped in come halt the activity which in turn provided Mayweather time to recover.


Heavyweight boxing legend George Foreman spoke about this in detail, during an interview on Obviously hit Talk. Huge George praised Conor McGregor’s power and addressed the body shot with which The well known One hurt Mayweather within the eighth ring –

“Yes, i was (impressed by his power). As a issue of fact, the referee safeguarded Mayweather in among the critical rounds. Conor pains him. He had him hurt, to be going because that the finish, and also the referee stepped in for no factor at all and also stopped it. It was a vicious body punch. Conor had him with a an excellent body shot, and also the referee conserved him, but that"s typical of a boxing match.” (*H/T because that the transcription)

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