Courteney Cox is well known for her function as Monica Geller top top Friends and later for play Jules Cobb top top Cougar Town. She married actor David Arquette yet they divorce in 2010, follow to the Mirror. She then dated eye Patrol"s bassist, Johnny McDaid, many thanks to an development from Ed Sheeran, but that partnership was maybe doomed.

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While Cox has had actually an exciting life and also a high-profile career, that seems choose Hollywood isn"t the interested in casting the brunette beauty in anything new. While she still renders a hefty sum off of she time ~ above Friends, the actor would probably love to keep her talent in great practice.

One reason for Cox"s exit from Hollywood to be her altered appearance over the year from fillers and Botox. When the star gained candid through Us Weekly about the occupational she"s had actually done, she said: "I have done points that i regret." Yikes! Keep reading to discover out the reality behind Cox"s plastic surgical procedure debacle.

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Courteney Cox opened up up around the work she has had actually done and also what she yes, really feels about it now. Top top a 2016 illustration of Running Wild through Bear Grylls (via Us Weekly), Cox said, "I think there"s a pressure to preserve , no just because of fame, but just, friend know, being a mrs in this business. Acquiring older has not been ... I don"t think it"s the easiest thing. Ns think ns was do the efforts to keep up with acquiring older, trying to follow that ... It"s something friend can"t store up with." 

Cox added, "I have actually done points that ns regret, and luckily they"re things that dissolve and also go away. So, um, that"s good, since it"s not always been my ideal look."

In a 2017 interview through New Beauty, Cox spoke about her relationship with plastic surgery and also how she didn"t protect against until a friend told she it was as well much. Cox shared, "I"ve had all my filler dissolved. I"m as organic as I have the right to be. Ns feel far better because i look favor myself. I think the I now look an ext like the human that ns was. Ns hope ns do."

She continued, "Things space going to change. Everything"s going to drop. Ns was make the efforts to make it no drop, yet that make me watch fake.

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Girlfriend need movement in your face, especially if you have thin skin favor I do. Those aren"t wrinkles—they"re smile lines."