PARIS -- together talented and also tenacious as they come, Novak Djokovic was not around to concede a point after dropping the very first two to adjust of the French open up final versus his younger, fresher foe, Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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Djokovic looked diminished and depleted in ~ the outset Sunday. Through the end, he was at his imperious best.

The top-seeded Djokovic come all the method back to beat the fifth-seeded Tsitsipas 6-7 (6), 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 for his second championship in ~ Roland Garros and also 19th cool Slam location overall.

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"I"m an extremely proud, really happy. Ns don"t desire to protect against there,"" claimed Djokovic, who spread out his arms, climate tapped his chest and also crouched come touch the red clay at Court Philippe Chatrier after finishing the enhance with a leaping volley. "Hopefully I can keep top top here in Roland Garros, at the very least one or two an ext times.""

As things stand, Djokovic is just one major trophy away from tying the men"s record of 20 shared by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and will get his an initial chance come pull even with his rivals in ~ Wimbledon, which starts in 2 weeks.

Djokovic came to be one of just three men -- together Rod Laver and also Roy Emerson -- to have won each major tournament at the very least twice. And also now, together the reigning champion at the Australian Open and also French Open, Djokovic can collection his sights on an additional rare achievement: that is halfway to joining Laver (1962 and 1969) and also Don Budge (1938) together the only men with a calendar-year grand Slam.

Djokovic, 34, eliminated 13-time French open up champion Nadal -- a challenge the Serb likened come scaling mountain Everest -- in a semifinal the lasted more than four hours Friday night.

That was only Nadal"s 3rd career lose in 108 matches in ~ the clay-court major tournament.

Djokovic likewise had defeated Nadal in Paris in 2015 before losing the year"s final, and it showed up as if the same fate was wait Sunday.

Most significant Titles ~ 30th Birthday

Novak Djokovic"s win Sunday in the French open men"s last earned him his seventh significant title after turning 30, breaking a tie through Rafael Nadal because that the many in the open Era (since 1968).

Novak Djokovic7
Rafael Nadal6
Roger Federer4
Rod Laver4
Ken Rosewall4
-- Stats & Information

Djokovic looked drained early, and the 22-year-old Tsitsipas had actually the top hand for 2 sets.

"It to be not simple for me," Djokovic said, "both physically and mentally.""

Eventually, though, he gained his best-in-the-game return on track and also served therefore flawlessly under the stretch the he did not challenge a solitary break allude over the last three sets.

That permitted him to complete his 6th career comeback from two sets down -- and second of the previous week.

Indeed, the global Tennis Federation stated Djokovic -- that trailed 19-year-old Lorenzo Musetti 2 sets to none in the fourth round -- is the an initial man in the expert era to success a cool Slam tournament after twice facing a 2-0 deficit in sets. Experience could have to be a factor, too.

This was the an initial major last for Tsitsipas and the 29th for Djokovic, who additionally won the French open in 2016, to go through nine titles at the Australian Open, five at Wimbledon and also three at the united state Open.

Of simply as much, if no more, definition to the can be fried outcome: Djokovic is 35-10 in five-setters -- including a men"s-record 32 wins in cool Slam matches of that size -- if Tsitsipas is simply 5-5.

"I"d favor to thank the Greek fans, and also my team, who space constantly behind me, for my dreams. This is a lengthy journey," claimed Tsitsipas, that was make the efforts to become the an initial tennis player from greek to success a significant singles title.

On a sunny, breezy afternoon, v the temperature approaching 80 levels Fahrenheit and also attendance minimal to 5,000, about one-third of the stadium capacity, because of COVID-19 restrictions, Tsitsipas necessary just around 100 minutes to take his big lead.

The footing on clay have the right to be tricky, and also both males took tumbles in the first set.

Djokovic"s ended with him prone on the sideline after ~ a head-first autumn near the wooden net post. Tsitsipas slipped near the baseline during the tiebreaker, smearing his white shirt and also purple shorts v the rust-colored surface.

While Djokovic switched tops shortly after his spill, Tsitsipas preserved his dirty apparel on -- together if he regarded the mess together a argorial of honor -- until after losing the 3rd set, as soon as he requested a visit indigenous a trainer to aid him stretch ~ above the sideline.

By then, the momentum had changed. And also Tsitsipas never could recover, mainly due to the fact that he never made any type of headway in Djokovic"s company games.

The an initial set was tight as can be: Tsitsipas winner 43 points, Djokovic 42.

Seeming how amazing shaken, Djokovic began the 2nd set through a double-fault and a swinging forehand volley that landed method long, climate got broken with a wild forehand miss.

Tsitsipas damaged again to command 5-2 in the set, and Djokovic pressed a white towel versus his challenge at the occurring changeover. Trying come cool off? Perhaps. Trying to reset himself? Probably.

After the second set, Djokovic headed off for one of each player"s two allotted locker room breaks. The enhance was never ever quite the same.

"There"s always two voices inside: there is one informing you that you can"t do it, the it"s done, it"s finished. The voice was pretty solid after that 2nd set,"" Djokovic said. "So i felt that that to be a time because that me to in reality vocalize the other voice and try to suppress the first one that was saying i can"t do it. Ns told myself I deserve to do it. Motivated myself. I strongly began to repeat that inside of my mind, tried come live it with my entire being.""

A can be fried returner and imposer that his will, Djokovic accrued beforehand breaks of serve in every of the third, fourth and also fifth sets.

Shadows were spreading throughout the court as the sun descended in the at an early stage evening and, though Djokovic complained to chair umpire Aurelie Tourte the the artificial lights were switched on, he shined when it mattered the most.

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This was another match that lasted an ext than four hours, and also Djokovic was approximately the task again.

"The atmosphere was amazing against Rafa and also today versus Stefanos,"" Djokovic said. "I will definitely remember these last 48 hrs for the rest of my life.""