Eddie Murphy is earlier to hold Saturday Night Live's Christmas illustration for the first time in 35 years, and also the cast couldn't be much more nervous or excited

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He's Gumby, dammit, and he's comes home. 

35 year after he last hosted and left the show, Eddie Murphy is returning to Saturday Night Live to organize this year's Christmas show, and also it's about as big a deal as the sounds favor it might be. 

Murphy to be a cast member from 1980 come 1984, those years as soon as Lorne Michaels had left the show and it was in the hands of Jean Doumanian and also then cock Ebersol. That was among very couple of big name cast members of that time period, which also included Jim Belushi and also Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and also he to be by far the biggest draw the present had in ~ the time, and kept the present alive as it was struggling there is no Michaels. He even once held last minute while still a actors member, once Nick Nolte acquired sick in 1982. You might not have watched the show between '80 and '85. You could not also have been alive at the time, yet you've heard the Gumby, Mr. Robinson, or James Brown and also his celebrity hot tub. And also you certainly know that Eddie Murphy is. 

Since he organized in 1984, just a few months after his last illustration as a actors member, Murphy has actually only went back to SNL to make an illustration on the 40th anniversary special, and now he's finally ago for what can be the many anticipated present of every time. 

As Kenan Thompson placed it come E! News, "That's the greatest reunion the show has ever before had. Eddie comes back, it's prefer the prodigal son." 

"They to be sh--ty come me top top Saturday Night Live a couple of time after I'd left the show," Murphy called Rolling stone in a 2011 interview. "They claimed some sh--ty things. Over there was the David Spade sketch. Ns made a stink about it, the became part of the folklore. What yes, really irritated me around it at the time was the it to be a career shot.

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It was like, 'Hey, come on, man, it's one point for you men to carry out a joke about some movie the mine, however my career? I'm one of you guys. Just how many people have come turn off this display whose careers really space fucked up, and you guys are sh--ting top top me?' and you know every joke has to go with all the producers, and ultimately, you recognize Lorne or whoever says, 'OK, it's yes to do this career crack…'"