Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi"s marriage is going solid despite separation reportsKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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A tabloid has buzzpatterson.comme up with absurd insurance claims that Ellen DeGeneres hasplastic surgeriesdone precious $1 millionso Portia de Rossi would certainly not leave her. The chat present host"sobsession with looking younger is apparently due to her substantial age-gap through her wife.

Globebuzzpatterson.comnsulted through Dr. Yoel S. Shahar, to explain alters in the figure of DeGeneres. The plastic surgeon,who has actually not worked on the 60-year-old Oscar host, said, "It"s quite noticeable she underwent a full face-lift — and also everything else, together well! She"s had virtually everything excellent that can be done — and I suspect a sleep job."

Adding on, the publication alsoreferred to Dr. Randal Haworth, who has actually not examinedDeGeneres, that suspects the note of scars around her ears indicates a face-lift. He said, "Her smooth face appearance, for sure jawline and barelythere jowls space unusual because that a human being of Ellen"s age and provide further evidence that she had actually a face-lift."

DeGeneres married the Australian-American actress in 2008 in ~ their house in Beverly Hills after ~ the state the California lifted its half on same-sex marriages. She had previously slammed reports the she and Rossi space heading because that divorce.

"We don"t know anything about it till somebody tells us," she said, follow to entertainment Tonight‎. "I don"t read the tabloids, and I don"t have actually a publicist."

"I don"t understand why they execute this," DeGeneres added. "We"re kind of flattered. We really don"t practically break up, us don"t fight, we"re madly in love, and I guess: v it"s boring."

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A article shared through Portia de Rossi (

Adding on, the talk present host had gushed around Rossi. She said People: "I"m thankful for everything. I"m thankful for mine health, and I"m so grateful for the love in my life. Since not everybody finds that. Not everybody finds that best friend."

"Portia and also I buzzpatterson.comnstantly to speak to each other, "We space so lucky." sometimes it"s lied in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say say thanks to you to whatever, whoever is the end there. I"ve acquired to a ar where i really am just settled. Really. I understand that I"m not going anywhere. She"s no going anywhere. I"m no saying the partnership took a while; I"m saying in my life, it took a when to find this," she added.




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