Thrilling exploration to one of the series’ many intensely followed unsolved mysteries airs Wednesday, October 30th

(Los Angeles, CA) – Adventurer and avid explorer Josh entrances takes viewers around the globe investigating the greatest legends in history. And now, a case that Josh has been chasing for years has actually been solved, ideal in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. After 2 adventures hunting for buried treasures from writer Byron Preiss’ 1982 endowment hunt, The Secret, josh meets up with regional Jason Krupat and also the 2 embark on an incredible journey to i found it the well known treasure in the heart of Boston in an all-new illustration of EXPEDITION UNKNOWN, airing Wednesday, October 30th at 9PM ET/PT on exploration Channel.

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The target in Preiss’ diabolically daunting hunt, The Secret, is come decipher hints in twelve paintings and also twelve poetic verses to uncover the ar of twelve hidden treasure boxes. Prior to publishing, Preiss secretly traveled come a dozen locations in phibìc America and also buried the containers. Each box contains a vital that can be exchanged because that a valuable gemstone. Tragically, Preiss died in a automobile accident in 2005, taking the remedies to the puzzle through him. Because the book’s publication in 1982, only two the the twelve boxes have been discovered – until now.

Inspired when he witnessed Josh’s obsession through The Secret on EXPEDITION UNKNOWN, Jason Krupat, a video game designer through day, collection out to solve one of Preiss’ puzzles and contacted mock after successfully piecing the riddle together. Once the 2 met in Boston to put the concept to the test, they faced difficult challenges and surprising twists as they unraveled Preiss’ puzzle. Josh and Jason will take viewers about the city ~ above an epic adventure the reveals hints hidden in commemorated local landmarks and also ultimately leads them come unraveling this decades-old mystery. This historical event culminates in a shocking buzzpatterson.com that write a whole new chapter in the epic story of The Secret and brings closure to Josh’s years-long search for the treasures.

“This has actually been a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” claimed Gates. “I’ve spent years complying with this story and also have obtained thousands of message from passionate searchers almost everywhere the country who think they’ve cracked the case. For among these elusive boxes to be hidden in my hometown of Boston is together a thrill. We think the stories like this as fantasies, but it transforms out part treasures are real, and also buried right beneath our feet. Ns can’t wait to carry viewers along for the ride!”


EXPEDITION UNKNOWN is created for exploration Channel by Ping Pong Productions. For Ping Pong Productions, executive producers space Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels and Josh Gates, and also co-executive producers are Roger Roddy and Matthew Meltzer. For exploration Channel, Michael Gara is executive, management producer and associate producer is Olivia Ghersen.

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