Technically, GM has repaid its big bailout loan indigenous the U.S. Government. However the Feds are most likely to be the end $10 billion when all is said and also done.

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GM headquarters in Detroit. Photograph credit: general Motors.

"When will certainly GM ultimately pay united state back?"

It"s a question I hear a many from readers who room concerned about the effects of GM"s 2009 bailout.

Many are surprised to hear the General motors (NYSE:GM) currently has paid earlier its bailout loans from the U.S. Government.

GM has totally satisfied the terms of the deals it made through the U.S. Treasury earlier in 2009. There"s nothing left for GM come do. However that doesn"t average that taxpayers have actually been payment back.

In fact, lock haven"t -- and also they can not ever before be paid in full. Here"s why.

GM has actually done that is share, yet taxpayers are still in the hole GM obtained a total of $49.5 billion from the U.S. Government as part of the "bailout." the money sponsor GM"s high-speed bankruptcy proceeding and permitted the agency to get earlier on that feet when it had exited bankruptcy in mid-2009.

That $49.5 billion to be a loan, and also under the terms of that loan, GM agreed to pay it back with a mix that cash and stock – share in the "new GM" the was created during the bankruptcy proceeding and also given to the federal government at that time.

GM has adhered to those terms. In fact, the company repaid its blame years front of schedule. However as you"ll watch in a minute, there"s a problem: GM"s share price isn"t high enough to repay the full $49.5 billion.

That means that the U.S. Treasury, i beg your pardon is in the process of marketing off its remaining GM stock holdings, is going come come up brief once every one of those sales room completed. Exactly how short? check out on.

A failure of GM"s repayment to day Of the $49.5 billion the was lent to GM, the U.S. Treasury has actually so far recovered around $35.4 billion. Here"s exactly how it breaks down:

The U.S. Received another $2.1 billion as soon as GM bought ago some preferred stock from the Treasury in so late 2010.Treasury has received about $8.1 billion from its sales of GM share on the open up market since the beginning of 2013.

That leaves around $14.1 exchange rate of the $49.5 exchange rate loan still unpaid, and also the Treasury room with about 113 million shares of GM share left come sell.

To rest even, Treasury would need to get about $125 per share because that its remaining shares. But GM"s share is currently trading roughly $36. At existing prices, the Treasury"s remaining stock is precious a small over $4 billion.

You check out the problem.

When all is said and also done, we"ll be out about $10 billion Unless GM"s re-superstructure price suddenly takes turn off in a huge way, Treasury is most likely to come up around $10 billion brief once that sells off its remaining GM stock.

What wake up then?

Legally speaking, nothing needs to happen. Together I said, GM currently satisfied the terms of the deal.

Now, we can argue that GM could have a moral obligation to make taxpayers whole. GM does have actually a lot of cash top top hand, together a reserve against the next huge recession.

Of course, as an investor, I require to suggest out that holding a large cash hoard is a smart move by GM"s new management. Handing a big chunk that it over to the federal government isn"t yes, really a prudent idea indigenous the perspective of keeping GM"s finances strong.

On the various other hand, we might argue the a transaction is a deal, and also GM lived up to its end. Us might additionally argue that the $10 billion "investment" by the U.S. Government got a an excellent return in various other ways, by conserving tens of thousands of American jobs, and also the American economy is much better off once GM and its Detroit rivals are healthy and also profitable.

What perform you think? Is GM obliged to carry out something here? Scroll under to leave a comment and let me know.

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