With an ext and much more speculation about a Hillary Clinton bid for the White home in 2016, the churn the Hillary stories coming the end of the media is only going come accelerate. “Should Hillary Clinton gain Plastic Surgery?” is one of the trendy stories now. (Actually, we’ve checked out it before, however it seems prefer “they” room spewing out this template daily). Thelatest onecomes from brand-new Beauty. Nothing is really answered in your post, but the questions simply generate much more questions and also fodder for much more stories and blog articles (like this one!).

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Hillary Clinton will be damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t obtain afacelift. Strategists, pundits, feminists, and also countless bloggers will certainly take both positions and argue advertisement nauseum, before, during, and also after the project no matter what Hillary does. For Hillary, the best thing about this is the “discussion” will avoid the actual issues. Political leaders like to invest as tiny time ~ above the real issues as possible. Sound bites, platitudes, and also flag waving will do just nicely, give thanks to you. “Move along, and also don’t prevent talking about my possible plastic surgery.” Brilliant.

So execute I think Hillary Clinton should obtain plastic surgery? Yes. However the factor I think she have to is the following supposition that i take the liberty of making: as soon as she sees it s her in the mirror and she no much longer sees the human being she feels it s her to be and desires one improvement, then facial rejuvenation surgery might restore the harmony because that her.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD

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