Ice-T’s career trajectory is anything but conventional. Plenty of folks recognize him for his role on Law & Order: SVU, however he’s been a robber, pimp, rapper, and actor, with an ext than 30 years’ worth of credits in front of the camera.

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In his youth, the did a stint in the army that readjusted his life in more ways 보다 one. But while there, he obtained into part trouble over a rug.


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Ice-T joined the armed forces as a teen

Before he was Ice-T or Detective Fin Tutola, he was Tracy Marrow, a child who resided in the new Jersey suburbs through his parents. At period 12, he relocated to Los Angeles complying with his father’s death—five year after his mother died.

There, that learned to adapt to an environment where gangs existed and wound increase attending Crenshaw High. During his an elderly year, Marrow became a teen father and also decided come enlist in the Army. The figured it would assist him administer for his child.

During a 2011 interview with NPR, Ice-T defined his thought procedure behind the move while stating his memoir, Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption native South central to Hollywood.

“And as soon as I had actually my daughter i was like, man, I’m walk to go to jail, I gained to perform something, and I checked out an enlistment office,” he said. “Next point you understand I’m in the military, 4 years infantry. I’m in tropical Lightning Schofield Barracks, girlfriend know. Ns tried to perform it therefore I median I’m in there making efforts to try to carry out right.”

‘It’s HELL as soon as you’re a orphan in ~ a early age… the a impressionable stage. No love breeds RAGE….” IceMFT

— ice T (

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Ice-T caught stealing in the military

As a young infantryman, Ice-T said he and also his group were under the influence of his commanding officer.

When speaking with Howard Stern in 2017, he common that his sergeant well-known some of his recruits had “special skills” or street smarts. The man had a penchant for points he didn’t very own or things that didn’t belong come him.

Ice-T called Stern that he started asking because that stuff. “And me and also a pair of males would go approximately the post and also steal the s*it and put it increase in ours area, and he believed it to be cool,” the said.

He said the sergeant obtained cocky and also stated he wanted an infantry blue rug in his office. Ice-T knew where one was situated so he and his crew stole it by cut it out through a box cutter. ~ being abandoned by your getaway driver, they dubbed a cab, and also the driver is that told on them.

He was sent to armed forces jail because that burglary.

Ice-T broke out the jail, but then turned points around

He disputed escaping the jail in his memoir. “I established a way to do the top window come down a couple of inches. Just sufficient for a skinny dude to squeeze through,” created Ice-T. “I went approximately the height bunk and also managed come wriggle mine a*s out of the top window. I had actually to time my escape so the the guards at the entrances wouldn’t watch me. That was similar to breaking the end of prison.”

He later decided versus staying AWOL and also turned himself in. Fairly than hazard true jail time because that his actions, that went ago and received an article 15 native the commander. Ice-T/Marrow finished the end his tenure through the Army.

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After coming home, that resorted come a life that crime v his friends however getting into hip-hop—and at some point acting—changed points for him. And Ice-T controlled to avoid ever before going ago to prison again.