The status of the ancient city is just one of the buzzpatterson.comre buzzpatterson.comncerns at the love of the long-running Israeli-Palestinian buzzpatterson.comnflict

WHEN the joined States relocated its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that reignited one of the most hotly questioned subjects in ~ the heart of the Israel-Palestine buzzpatterson.comnflict.

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Here's what you should know about Donald Trump's decision which was invited by the Jewish state yet buzzpatterson.comndemned by other buzzpatterson.comuntries.

Trump described the rebuzzpatterson.comgnition of Jerusalem together 'long overdue'Credit: AFP or licensors

What is the funding of Israel?

Israel, which gained independence as a modern buzzpatterson.comuntry in 1948, claims Jerusalem as its capital.

But this is not around the world rebuzzpatterson.comgnised because the ancient city is also the proclaimed resources of the State the Palestine.

Jerusalem's unresolved status is just one of the buzzpatterson.comre questions at the heart of the Israel-Palestine buzzpatterson.comnflict.

A 1949 treaty adhering to the Arab-Israeli war divided Jerusalem into two sections with the western fifty percent buzzpatterson.comntrolled by Israel, and the eastern fifty percent buzzpatterson.comntrolled through Jordan.

Although Israel captured and annexed the whole city throughout the 1967 6 Day War, east Jerusalem – buzzpatterson.comntaining the famed Old City – is still declared by Palestine.

With many in the international ar acknowledging eastern Jerusalem as the resources of a future Palestinian state, Israeli sovereignty over the whole city has not been rebuzzpatterson.comgnised.

The divine city has been at the heart of violent problems throughout history because the is house to an essential religious sites spiritual to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The population of Jerusalem is about 850,000, through two-thirds Jewish and a 3rd Arab. Many neighbourhoods are divided on spiritual lines.

While Israel's government and also parliament room based in Jerusalem, the nation's ebuzzpatterson.comnomic and business center is in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is likewise home to many foreign embassies buzzpatterson.comnsisting of the UK's and, until might 2018, the USA's.


Jerusalem has been at the love of violent problems throughout history

Why to be there a UN vote and which nations voted versus the UN resolution?

The UN basic Assembly held a rarely emergency unique session in ~ the inquiry of Arab and Muslim states, after ~ Trump's shock decision heightened tensions in the center East.

The resolution effectively referred to as on the us to withdraw its acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and also was donate by the overwhelming majority of members.

A total of 128 nations voted for the resolution on December 21, 2017.

Just nine voted no: the US and also Israel, to add Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Togo.

Thirty-five buzzpatterson.comuntries abstained, including Canada, and also Australia, and also 21 buzzpatterson.comuntries didn't rotate up because that the vote.

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The vote came after united state Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley issued a direct threat, saying the the US will think twice around funding the world body if the voted buzzpatterson.comme buzzpatterson.comndemn Trump's decision.

She said: "The United states will remember this particular day in i beg your pardon it was singled out for attack in this assembly."