JESSA Duggar has welcomed her fourth baby through her husband Ben Seewald after experiencing a miscarriage critical year.

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The count On star currently shares she sons Spurgeon, five, Henry, four, and daughter Ivy, one v Ben.



Jessa, 28, has actually officially welcomed her newborn baby and also fourth boy overall and shared the news through fans in a prolonged YouTube video.

At the beginning of the 10-minute clip, the count On star recorded her job on Tuesday, July 13 together she proficient "a lot of contractions."

However, she admitted to just "waiting it out" in ~ the time due to the fact that she had "no idea" once she would offer birth together she was early for her first two pregnancies yet late for the last one.

She then confirmed a glimpse of her sitting at home with her three tiny ones the following day after ~ she came house from a doctor's appointment.

"Everything looks good, my meeting went well. We're simply chilling and playing some Go Fish to past the time," she stated waiting to enter labor.

Then top top Saturday, July 18th, she shared a clip of her whispering indigenous the life room in ~ 3:15AM.

"I've been having contractions every 10 minutes because that the past few hours. I'd say they're around a 7 or one eight.

"It feels favor the genuine deal come me," she stated ahead that going come the hospital.

On Sunday, Jessa and also husband Ben filmed themselves walking right into the medical facility ~ above her reserved due date.


They arrived at the hospital around 3:30pm as Jessa rocked a loose black dress while she husband walked by her side with number of bags.

The couple teases the bear - as it's just component one of the video collection - yet promise come share more footage with "soon."

In February the reality stars revealed that they to be expecting, ~ remembering their "heartbreaking" legacy in 2020.

Jessa and also Ben told ET in a statement: ”After the heartbreaking lose of a infant last year, we’re overjoyed come share that another tiny Seewald is on the way!

"The pregnancy is going smoothly, and also both baby and also Jessa are doing well. We space so thankful to God for the precious gift of a new life! 

“The children are delighted, and also we have the right to hardly wait come welcome this little one into our arms this summer."

The young mother shared a sonogram of her small one in ~ the time, disclosing she baby's due day to be this summer.

In a video clip announcement to her fans, Jessa updated the public on just how she was feeling during her pregnancy.

“I’m feeling great, glad to be out of the an initial trimester. Ns was pretty sick yet feeling great now, have more energy.“

The TLC stars have created a legacy of not alerting the household of the baby's sex until the is born, and also made sure to stick come it with their newest addition.

Despite the secretive nature, they go prepare your other youngsters for a brand-new sibling, together Jessa revealed exactly how "excited" her sons were end the news.

“Spurgeon and Henry are really excited. They understand. We have small pregnancy apps on my phone that we look at and they gain to check out updates that the baby’s progress and growth.”


In late might the fundamentalist Christian pair enjoyed time through family, despite Jessa's looming early date.

The TV personality donned a comfy look for the acquire together, wearing gray sweatpants, a black color tee-shirt and also Birkenstocks.

The group celebrated Memorial job weekend with a backyard cookout, and also Jessa's vast baby bump was unmistakable under her clothing.

Although the pair have much to it is in excited about with their new arrival, Ben's next of the household has proficient some drama that late.

In May, The Sun confirmed that among Ben's sisters, Jessica, filed because that divorce from she husband, Dwight Phillips Lester, after 2 years of marriage.

The newfound divorcée deleted all photos through her former spouse, and changed her surname on social media.

The news came as a vast shock come fans, as divorce goes versus the Duggar and Seewald family's religious beliefs. 

Jessica has been labeled a "rebel" by the family, as she articles photos put on revealing clothing and shows off her post-workout abs ~ above Instagram.



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Ben's sister operates together an Arkansas police officer alongside she now-estranged husband.

Jessa and Ben tied the node in 2014, after meeting in church together teenagers.

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According come Fundamentalist's Fandom, the TV star would work "overtime" to afford to visit the Duggars in bespeak to see his now-wife.


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