jes_chastain and Oscar Isaac sign up with #TheView to comment on their duties in #ScenesFromAMarriage, why lock reversed gender stereotypes in the series, and the actual reason behind Isaac’s complete frontal scene!

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Jessica Chastain was only comfortable law full-frontal nudity in “Scenes indigenous a Marriage” if she co-star, Oscar Isaac, also bared the all.

“I said in the very beginning, ‘I’m comfortable v all the nudity, however any component of my body that you show, you’re walk to have actually to present the same with Oscar,"” the 44-year-old actress shared while visiting “The View” with Isaac ~ above Friday.

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Chastain appears nude in a shower step in the 2nd episode, while Isaac, 42, shows up nude in illustration four.

“For me, I want it to it is in balanced,” the golden Globe-winner explained.

Meanwhile, Isaac claims that that “didn’t know” the his full-frontal scene had actually made the onto the collection and to be surprised when human being started talking around it on society media.

“You gain sent the stuff to look at to be like, ‘Okay, I’m fine through that,"” the “Star Wars” gibbs said. “But I witnessed it ~ above a laptop quite dark and I didn’t notification what to be happening under there.”

“I experienced it clear together day top top the large TV there. It’s there,” he added.

Oscar Isaac couldn’t aid but tree a kiss top top Jessica Chastain’s head while out in NYC this week.Getty Images

Chastain has actually been vocal about how nudity top top film has bothered she in the past, despite having “no issues” v nudity herself.

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“For me, ns uncomfortable v nudity once it feels favor it’s no the person’s decision to be naked, when it’s miscellaneous that has actually been put upon them. In a way, I see that as like a victimization,” the actress told Vulture in 2018.

The “Scenes native a Marriage” stars throughout a portrait session at the Venice movie Festival in September.Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP