Joanna Gaines can have had actually her fifth child at age 40, however she’s surprisingly feeling younger than ever. While she to be surprised to discover out she to be pregnant at the time, after infant Crew to be born critical year, she claimed her outlook adjusted significantly.

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Gaines claimed welcoming another child made she ‘Fun Jo’

Chip and Joanna Gaines welcomed their fifth child in June 2018 and while they to be old advantages at parenting, with their kids Emmie Kay, 9, Duke, 10, Ella Rose, 12, and also Drake, 14, the come of Crew has been a different experience for the Gaines.

Gaines freshly told PEOPLE: “I child with people, ‘If you ever want to feeling young again, have actually a baby at 40.’” She added: “It’s brought this whole new thing because that me whereby I’m a lot much more laid-back. Civilization joke the I’m the ‘Fun Jo’ now.”

Having 5 kids and a booming organization is a lot to juggle, yet Gaines said she has become more relaxed. She noted: “I realized there needs to be spontaneity, and also schedules sort of go out the door. That like, ‘Hey, if ns don’t obtain to it, it’s fine.’ I’ve just relaxed so lot more, and also it’s been fun for me.”

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Will Chip and Joanna Gaines have an additional baby?

Of course, pan of the previous Fixer Upper stars space curious to know if the couple plans to have more children. She didn’t rule it out, sharing: “Heck if i know. I assumed I to be done, and also then we had actually Crew.”

Her husband, she said, “is always joking that he wants himto have a little sister. Noplansfor another baby, but then again,we’ve never ever been planners anyway.”

Crew is absolutely up for whatever mom is up to, as Joanna referred to as him her “little sidekick,” sharing the “he pertains to work v me every day and goes to every my meetings. There’s literally a sign-up sheet due to the fact that everyone desires to hold him.”

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The youngsters are ‘obsessed’ through their infant brother

Crew is a star in the Gaines’ household when it concerns his older siblings, together Gaines provided that “they quiet are completely obsessed with this kid.”

The addition of another child made her reflect a bit on exactly how her youngsters adjusted, together she shared: “A year ago, he wasn’t in our lives. Currently you’re like, ‘How?’” She added: “I think what’s so crazy about kids is by the time they struggle the ground… it’s nearly like we always knew he to be coming, and also this was his time.”

Gaines claimed her kids have “the sweetest” method with the baby, together she explained: “ simply watching them. Even when he is crying and Drake will , ‘Hey, okay go.’ We have the stroller outside, and they’ll go all the means to the gate, back and forth.”

She continued: “ loves being outside, so it’s no a point where I have to ask them. They simply say, ‘Can I execute this?’ ‘Of course.’”