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Kenya Moorehas filed because that divorce. The Real Housewives of Atlantastar filed because that divorce indigenous husbandMarc Daly in May, ET confirms. ET has reached out to Moore"s rep because that comment.

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The news come over six months ~ Moore and Daly officially dubbed it quits. The couple hadattempted to reconcile after their 2019 breakup, yet Daly revealed in January that they hadonce again split.

Moore and Daly had actually been living in a "bonafide state the separation" due to the fact that September 2019, follow to court documents acquired by ET. Moore has likewise requested single physical and legal custody that the pair"s 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn.

Daly and Moore married in an intimate ceremony in St. Lucia in 2017. TheywelcomedBrooklynin November 2018, and split much less than a year later, in September 2019.

During a December 2020 appearance onWatch What wake up Live through Andy Cohen, Moore said Daly was"fighting because that his marriage."

"I have actually not filed because that divorce," the reality star said. "He did document and withdrew it less than 24 hrs later, for this reason we"ve type of obtained past that."

"Right currently Marc is really fighting for his marriage. He wants to go to counseling. He"s made appointments," she added. "He"s questioning to publicly apologize come me and a the majority of things that I never ever thought I"d see the day."

In aninterview v ETthe week prior, Moore obtained candid around where points stood between her and also Daly.

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"We"re tho separated, and I have gone v the gamut that emotions from being happy, and also happy to relocate on and also to watch what my life is going to be choose in the following chapter, and also then i go from that to being sort of sad," she shared. "Looking at Brooklyn, looking and also gazing into her father"s eyes and also seeing the love and also knowing what one amazing family we had actually -- and also could we still have it."

See an ext on Moore in the video below.


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