After spending two years report on alleged Hollywood predators and also enablers, The Hollywood Reporter"s editor at huge hopes the accountability motion won"t fade: "A culture of misogyny is not a "mishap.""


When Warner Media chief john Stankey satellite for an on stage interview at a conference in November, he was asked around management changes at the company. Yes, some individuals had left, that allowed, and then added, “Kevin, unfortunately, had actually a little bit the a mishap.”

This to be a recommendation to The Hollywood Reporter‘sMarch publication of texts portraying in lurid detail how in 2013 producers Brett Ratner and James Packer orchestrated a hotel rendezvous in between a very young and also ambitious aspiring actress and also Kevin Tsujihara, who then do the efforts to use his place as chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. To assist her acquire roles.

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Tsujihara resigned under pressure complying with those revelations, however according come an insider, Stankey was reluctant to push him out. An ext than 2 weeks passed after ~ the texts were published prior to a move was made. The signal that sent to females at his agency and past had to be unmistakable.

Tsujihara was not simply a man who involved in an affair, if you want to dignify the tawdry assignations revealed in our story v that name. (The would-be actress complained in one text that Tsujihara — part 30 years her senior — wasn’t even interested in make polite chat once he dashed to the Hotel Bel waiting to have actually sex with her.)

What does that say about a studio’s culture when the CEO appears to regard a woman as residential or commercial property to be gifted and then make the efforts to usage his strength to cover up his eager acceptance of the present? What is the culture of a parent company that sees that together a “mishap”? to be Stankey aware — would certainly he care? — the Tsujihara was widely well-known for frat-boy partying? Executives, agents and stars knew it. How regularly were women at Warners excluded from “business” outings and opportunities due to the fact that they were not welcome to participate in or evil the an excellent times?

A society of misogyny is not a “mishap.”

I compose this not just to castigate Stankey or WarnerMedia. That firm is fixed the just one in the market with a problematic culture. However it took around 10 minute after revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sex-related predation sparked a revolution for some civilization to begin asking: has the Time’s Up activity gone too far? What is the path to redemption for those whose behavior finally — finally — has been viewed as unacceptable? since apparently it’s urgent to get those guys earlier to work real quick.

The straightforward fact is that the Time’s Up motion hasn’t gone nearly far enough.

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