A many has changed since Meghan Markle very first rose come fame in 2016. The was once the LA-born, Toronto-based actress became a family name because of she budding connection with Prince Harry—earning the distinction of the year’s “most-Googled person” (a feat she accomplished for the second time in 2018). 

Prior to date her husband-to-be, she was ideal known for her role in Suits, ran a now-defunct way of life blog, worked as a freelance calligrapher, and also did charity work-related with the UN and also World Vision.

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Our very first pic is courtesy the Katharine McPhee, who revealed on Instagram that the pair “did musicals with each other as kids.” Meghan probably would’ve been approximately 15 or 16 here, follow to one interview Katharine did with People. “She was actually in my sister’s class—two years older than me. Mine sister did shows with her, i did two mirrors with her as soon as I to be a seventh-grader or eighth-grader.”<1>

Clearly, Katharine took one for the team because the photo says that both of lock later altered their noses! Also notice Meghan’s eyebrows. Yes, they to be over-plucked, yet they also seem come sit higher, showing an ext lid room than she has actually now.

From 2011-2016: The ‘Suits’ Years

at the 2011 Anti-Defamation league Entertainment sector Awards Dinner

PR Photos

Fast-forward come 2011, and also 30-year-old Meghan had just landed her huge break on Suits after year of minor functions (including a stint together a Deal or No Deal briefcase model!). Gone space the hefty liner and lipstick she wore in the ‘90s, changed by tasteful, glowy makeup and also an auburn tint with her brunette hair. It’s additionally obvious that her nose has actually been drastically reshaped.

in ~ the 2012 USA Network Upfront

ACE Pictures

By the following year, she had become a full-fledged redhead, put on her naturally curly hair in the piecey waves the were on tendency at the time. It’s for this reason pretty through the pink blush and also lipstick, and also what would quickly become her signature smoky eyes. Her skinny eyebrows are beginning to prosper out, too.

at the 2013 brand-new York movie Festival Gala Tribute come Cate Blanchett

Sonia Moskowitz/Globe Photos

Then, Meghan to walk the red carpet styled just like the Duchess that she would later on become—even though she was still years away from meeting Prince Harry. This look is certainly “mature,” making her seem much older than 32. Her nose doesn’t look as bumpy and also angular as it go in 2011, for this reason it’s feasible that she had a revision done to her earlier rhinoplasty.

in ~ the 2014 Elton john AIDS structure Benefit

Sonia Moskowitz/Globe Photos

In 2014, she styled her hair in a similar updo, and kept the darker hair colour. Yet with more skin ~ above display and a lighter touch ~ above the makeup, the vibe is lot younger. Now, let’s revisit her eyebrows. They’re supervisor thick, and have recovered extremely well from gift over-tweezed in the ‘90s. However that’s no the just thing I’m noticing. See just how much reduced they sit, and how all of a suddenly she doesn’t have much lid space? Botox deserve to do that... Just saying.

at the 2016 Elle women in tv Celebration


For her final red carpet appearance together Meghan Markle, the actress, she upped the drama v deep red lipstick, bold eyeliner and long, dark, tousled hair. It’s maybe a little heavy, but I evaluate that she didn’t pile on the foundation, rather showing off her herbal freckles. While her lips perform look larger here, ns think it’s simply from over-lining them, no injections.

From 2018-2020: A imperial Love Story

On she wedding work in 2018


More than 29 million family members tuned in from across the people to watch her marry bother in 2018. Because that her large day, she went through her most low-key beauty watch yet: glowing organic skin, matte pink lips, subtly shaded eyes and a simple low bun. She additionally reversed direction through her eyebrows, having actually them thinned out and also precisely shaped.

in ~ the 2019 Queen’s commonwealth Trust and also One Young civilization Roundtable


Royal life must have suited Meghan well, because in this photo, ns think she looks more beautiful than ever. Having an A-list glam squad on call makes every the difference, as every little detail is just better now. Think: chic cat eyes, soft yet full brows, seamless blush and also a face-framing, ‘60s-inspired updo. 

at the 2020 Mountbatten Festival the Music


For among her last Royal events, she stepped out through shiny, flat-ironed hair, a special fringe the lashes and and equivalent peachy-pink lips and also cheeks. Probably it was since of she impending exit on the horizon, however she’s truly glowing. Oh, and take note of her brows, which appear to have dropped down again. 

Meghan Markle Before and also After

Meghan in the 1990s vs 2014

katharinefoster, Sonia Moskowitz/Globe Photos

There’s no denying that Meghan looks different contrasted to once she was a teen, and it’s not just from enhancing her assembly game. When you look at these side-by-side photos, you deserve to reasonably conclude the she had work done on her nose (like basically every various other celebrity we’ve looked at).

“It does show up that Meghan has had a cosmetic sleep surgery,” states Dr. Matthew Schulman in an interview through Radar Online. “Her current nose is much more narrow in the bridge and also her nasal tip is smaller, suggestive of a rhinoplasty.”<2>

Dr. Stephen Grifka agrees. “It looks favor the bridge of the nose has actually been narrowed, together with attempts to refine the tip, which is excellent by sculpting the nasal cartilage. From the frontal view, that looks favor a quite result,” the told the National Enquirer.<3>

I would agree. Together we’ve seen time and also time again with these before & Afters, rhinoplasties often tend to subtly redirect your attention to the eyes and also lips—which can obviously be valuable when your project is all around facial expressions.

As for injectables, the jury is out. “Can she be making use of a tiny Botox? Maybe,” states Dr. Adam Hamawy.

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<2> I suspect that may account for her lowered brows, which provide her oblong confront a more balanced, youthful look.

Whether she’s changed her figure or not, Meghan is motivating her pan to have lookalike surgeries. “Today she is probably one the the top, if not the number one, inquiry that ns am obtaining from patients hope to look prefer their favourite celebrities,” Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg revealed come Allure. “Let’s confront it, she’s gorgeous but additionally comes off as the girl following door. Ns think patients find the organic quality of she nose and also face together a entirety to be most appealing.”<4>