Sixteen years earlier we profiled Donald Trump's then-girlfriend Melania Knauss. Now his wife, Melania featured in our naked file shoot on his customised Boeing 727 put on handcuffs, wielding diamonds and holding a chrome pistol (it to be the lads mag era ~ all). It provides for some interesting reading today, buzzpatterson.comnsidering Donald Trump's success in the us election…


Fifteen years earlier British GQ profiled Donald Trump's then-girlfriend Melania Knauss. Currently his wife, Melania featured in ours naked file shoot ~ above his customised Boeing 727 attract handcuffs, wielding diamonds and holding a chrome pistol (it to be the lads mag era after ~ all). It makes for some amazing reading today, buzzpatterson.comnsidering Donald Trump's success in the us election…Antoine Verglas
We to be bombarded through requests buzzpatterson.comme shoot Melania," GQ editor Dylan Jones said once asked around our January 2000 naked shoot with Melania Trump, after ~ we had dug v the archives and published the pictures online in march 2016. “Given that she was obviously therefore keen to it is in featured in GQ, we came up through a fairly kitsch and camp story for she to function in." Donald Trump likewise requested the photographs be delivered to his office. “We framed the buzzpatterson.comver and also a selection of prints and also sent castle as soon as we buzzpatterson.comuld.”

It shows up the very first Lady is quite proud the the images: the new White house website lists the sheathe shoot as among her biggest achievements. Recently it has end up being a source of dispute as questions are increased over exactly how Melania secured her united state visa.

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Now you rebuzzpatterson.comgnize the ago story, scroll down to see the article and images that were initially published in the January 2000 buzzpatterson.comncern of brother GQ.

Want jet-set chic? then sex, style and 18-carat gold seat belts are essential. Supermodel Melania is the beginning pad for 14 pages that high living.


Antoine VerglasThere was a time when the Mile High club was a stand-up organisation. The price that entry to be a stolen minute in the cramped and also hardly seductive next site of a 747 loo, and also the penalties for being rebuzzpatterson.comrded were harsh. Which is a shame as soon as you think about the undeniable frission travelling at 30,000 feet adds to any kind of assignation. Currently airlines have wised-up, with Virgin Atlantic offering dual beds to its Upper buzzpatterson.comurse passengers. Yet if you're going to gain that all-important upgrade, climate you're walk to have to join the jet set. And also there space rules.


Antoine VerglasEnter high-spirited Donald trumped to show us exactly how it's done. The billionaire brand-new York residential property magnate, revolutionary Party presidential candidate and proud owner that this custom-fitted 727 (even the chair buckles space 18-carat gold) is an experienced in the art of in-flight entertainment. And his an individual hostess, 26-year-old Slovenian supermodel Melania Knauss, can just end up as the next an initial Lady. Trip of fancy? not if The Donald has actually his way.


Antoine VerglasHeavyweight politics buzzpatterson.commmentators may sbuzzpatterson.comff, yet the delectable miss out on Knauss is relishing the possibility of a future pressing the meat on state occasions. "I will placed all my effort into it, and also I will support my man," she said recently.

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Antoine Verglas"She's popular, she's brilliant, she's a exorbitant woman," claims Trump through uncharacteristic understatement. And also who are we buzzpatterson.comme disagree? Not only does she manage to save a male fabled for his erections (the latest is the Trump civilization Tower on brand-new York's very first Avenue) ~ above the right trip path, however she's additionally fluent in four languages. Very handy because that those summit meetings.

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"I'm going buzzpatterson.comme do whatever I have the right to do check out that buzzpatterson.comnsistent Americans can fly as high together their wings will take them," claims Trump. He's gained our vote.

Originally published in January 2000

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