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Carlene King Johnson, miss Vermont, sit enthroned as miss United states after her choice at long Beach, California. Bettmann/Getty pictures

Johnson was the fourth-ever miss USA.

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Returning miss out on USA Charlotte Sheffield of Utah place the crown top top head of brand-new Miss USA, Eurlyne Howell that Louisiana. Los Angeles Examiner/USC Libraries/Corbis via Getty images

Howell to be the an initial Miss Louisiana come win miss out on USA.


Mis USA 1965, Sue Ann Downey of Columbus, Ohio. Bettmann/Getty pictures

Downey"s hair has actually the signature "60s wave.


Sylvia Louise Hitchcock v her court as miss USA. Bettmann/Getty pictures

Hitchcock memorably said during her pageant, "I can"t think the a solitary disadvantage the goes together with being pretty," follow to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

A radiant Dorothy Anstett of Kirkland, Washington, poses through her recently won miss out on USA trophy. Bettmann/Getty photos

At the time, acquiring the crown earn the winner a $10,000 prize and a brand-new wardrobe, report the reading Eagle.

Tanya Wilson of Honolulu is crowned miss USA of 1972 in ~ the conclusion that the annual pageant. Bettmann/Getty pictures

Wilson originally completed as miss out on Nevada in 1970 but after a relocate to Hawaii competed for the Aloha State.

Bob Barker and also Amanda Jones during the 1973 miss USA Pageant. Ron Galella/WireImage

Jones to be the 22nd miss out on USAand to be 22 year old as soon as she won she crown.

miss out on USA 1974, Karen J. Morrison. Bettmann/Getty images

At 5-foot-11, Morrison to be the tallest human to success a significant beauty pageant in ~ the time,according come the Sumter everyday Item.

southern Carolina's Shawn Weatherly burst right into tears as she was called the new Miss USA on may 16, 1980. AP Photo/Jerry Lodriguss

Weatherly to be the fifth Miss USA to become Miss Universe as soon as she contended in Seoul, southern Korea.

miss out on USA the 1983 Julie Hayek wins the miss out on USA Pageant title on may 12, 1983. AP images

Hayek walk on to show up in multiple TV shows including "Moonlighting," "Dallas," and also "Twin Peaks."

Christy Fichtner (right) reacts together she is named the 1986 miss out on USA on may 21, 1986. At left is an initial runner-up halle Berry the Ohio. Raul Demolina/AP photos

Yes,thatHalle Berry to be the runner-up for miss USA 1986 — and she"s no the just celebrity to have actually dabbled in the beauty pageant world.

miss Michigan Carole Anne-Marie Gist is crowned miss USA in ~ the 1990 pageant. George Rose/Getty images

Gist to be the first black woman to win miss out on USA.

miss California Shannon Marketic reaction to the announcement that she was called 1992 miss USA ~ above February 7, 1992. Steve Rasmussen/AP photos

Marketic likewise won miss Photogenic in ~ the 1992 pageant.

Kenya Moore, miss Michigan USA, reaction after win the miss USA 1993 location on February 19, 1993. miss UNIVERSE,INC./AFP/Getty pictures

Moore have the right to be viewed on "The actual Housewives of Atlanta," despite she left as a full-time actors member in 2018.

Ali Landry, miss out on Louisiana USA, reaction after gift named miss out on USA 1996 on February 2, 1996. AP

Landry is among the most notable former-Miss USA winners, having actually since appeared in plenty of commercials, magazines, and also movies. In 2018, she showed up in an episode of sitcom "Kevin deserve to Wait."

Kimberly Ann Pressler reacts as she is crowned miss out on USA 1999 on February 5, 1999. Orlin Wagner/AP images

Pressler has been the reporter for every FOX Sports professional Bowlers Associationevents since 2010.

miss Tennessee USA Lynnette Cole reacts when she is announced as miss USA 2000 throughout the pageant finals on February 4, 2000. Orlin Wagner/AP images

Cole was the very first Miss USA native Tennessee.

Kandace Krueger reacts as she's proclaimed miss out on USA 2001 on march 2, 2001. PATRICK PRATHER/AFP/Getty photos

The 2001 pageant was hosted for the an initial and just time by wilhelm Shatner ~ he play a pageant host in the 2000 comedy "Miss Congeniality."

Shauntay Hinton is crowned miss USA on march 1, 2002. Stephen J. Carrera/AP images

Hinton was the first winner indigenous Washington, DC, in 38 years. The last miss out on District the Columbia winner was in 1964.

miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey native Missouri reacts after receiving her crown throughout the 53rd annual Miss USA vain on April 12, 2004. Nam Y. Huh/AP pictures

After her regime ended, Finnessey showed up on and won the short-lived fact dating competition display "Ready for Love." She was preferred by among the show"s 3 bachelors, despite the two damaged up quickly after.

miss North Carolina USA Chelsea Cooley reacts after winning the miss out on USA 2005 pageant ~ above April 11, 2005. chris Gardner/AP images

After her reign, Cooley joined the girl group BQ girl — BQ stands for Beauty kings — alongside previous Miss cosmos 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam, miss Teen USA 2012 very first runner-up Haley Seibert, and Miss China universe 2011 third runner-up Yi Na.

miss Kentucky Tara Elizabeth Conner reacts as miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley places the crown on she head after she winner the miss USA 2006 pageant ~ above April 21, 2006. chris Gardner/AP pictures

Conner became the facility of a scandal throughout her reign when she was caught partying and tested optimistic for cocaine. She checked right into rehaband had the ability to hang onto she crown.

Rachel Renee Smith, miss out on Tennessee USA 2007, reacts after to win the miss out on USA pageant ~ above Friday, march 23, 2007. Kevork Djansezian/AP images

When smith traveled come Mexico for miss Universe, she dressed up as Elvis Presley for the nationwide Costume show to honor her Tennessee home.

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miss out on Texas Crystle Stewart reacts as she's announced the new Miss USA throughout the 2008 miss USA Pageant top top April 11, 2008. Eric Jamison/AP images

Stewart had actually her an initial major acting role in the 2018 movie "Acrimony," written and also directed by Tyler Perry.

miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton reacts after she is announced miss USA ~ above Sunday April 19, 2009. Eric Jamison/AP photos

Pageants room in Dalton"s blood — she mother, Jennie, was miss North Carolina in 1982 and her sister, Julia, was the second runner-up in the 2008 miss out on Teen USA pageant.

miss out on Michigan Rima Fakih reacts as she is crowned miss USA 2010 top top Sunday, might 16, 2010. Isaac Brekken/AP images

ABC News reported that Fakih was the very first Muslim miss USA.

Alyssa Campanella, miss California, reacts together she is announced together the 2011 miss USA top top June 19, 2011. Julie Jacobson/AP pictures

Pageant queen Campanella is currently married to one more royal the sorts, gibbs Torrance Coombs, who played the illegitimate boy of King Henry II ~ above "Reign."

miss Rhode Island USA Olivia Culpo reacts as she is announced miss USA throughout the 2012 miss out on USA pageant top top June 3, 2012. Isaac Brekken/Getty pictures

Culpo walk on to win miss Universe, the very first Miss USA to take it the crown due to the fact that 1997.

miss out on Connecticut Erin Brady i do not care the new Miss USA throughout the 2013 miss out on USA pageant top top June 16, 2013. Michael Stewart/WireImage via Getty images

Brady was the first Miss Connecticut to win miss USA.

miss Nevada Nia Sanchez is crowned miss USA during the miss USA 2014 pageant top top Sunday, June 8, 2014. Jonathan Bachman/AP images

Sanchez is a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo.

miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan is crowned miss USA during the 2015 miss out on USA pageant on Sunday, July 12, 2015. Derick E. Hingle/AP photos

Jordan is the an initial woman to represent the us at two worldwide pageants. She to be the American representative at miss Universe, together all miss out on USAs are, and likewise was Miss civilization America in ~ the Miss people pageant in 2013.

miss out on District the Columbia USA 2016 Deshauna Barber reacts together she is named miss out on USA ~ above June 5, 2016. Ethan Miller/Getty pictures

Barber to be the first Miss USA to have served in the equipped forces.

miss District that Columbia USA Kára McCullough reacts after she to be crowned the brand-new Miss USA throughout the miss USA dispute Sunday, might 14, 2017. john Locher/AP images

This to be a back-to-back win for Washington, DC.

miss Nebraska, Sarah increased Summers, is named miss USA at the 2018 miss USA Competition. FOX via Getty images

Summers was the reigning miss out on USA after ~ placing in the height 20 at miss Universe.

miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst, is crowned. Alex Mertz/The miss out on Universe company

Kryst is a permanent attorney that works on getting inmates released from prison.

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miss USA 2020, Asya Branch, is crowned. Benjamin Askinas/Miss USA

Branch was crowned in Memphis, Tennessee, by Cheslie Kryst – the longest-running miss out on USA in background due to the pandemic.

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