COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — by Tuesday, October 20, more than 920,000 Coloradans had actually already cast your ballots ahead of the 2020 elections. If you’re among them, there are straightforward measures you have the right to take to track your ballot online.

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You will certainly be compelled to get in your very first and last name, date of birth, and also zip code into the website, which will certainly let you understand where your ballot is in the process of being counted.

Here’s just how to track your ballot online after you’ve voted:

Step one

Head online to and scroll down until you view a little box in the middle of the page that reads “Track her Ballot top top,” once you discover it walk ahead and also click that box.


Once did you do it clicked “Track your Ballot ~ above,” you will be redirected to

Step two

From the website it’s time to obtain started!

You will need to input your:

First NameLast NameDate the BirthZip Code
Step three

Once completely filled out, click and complete the CAPTCHA test, then click the dark blue box that reads “REGISTER / log in IN” to it is in redirected come a call preferences page.


This page gives voters options to sign-up for email and/or text article alerts for updates on when their ballot was mailed, received, and also accepted.

If you do not wish to receive email and/or text post updates, the is also an option; just make sure to turn all the toggles off and click “confirm”.

Step 4

After picking contact preferences, you’ll come to your portal, where you’re able to check out your existing mail ballot status and also your contact preferences.


If her ballot has actually not however been accepted, you’ll discover it’s current status under the “Details” tab. You will do it see when your ballot was outbound, the is, once your ballot was mailed the end to you, when the El Paso County election Office got it, and also eventually when it was accepted by the El Paso County choice Office.


Once her ballot has actually been received and accepted by the county choice office, when you log in on to her portal, you’ll notification the eco-friendly circle will read “completed” and the day on which your ballot was accepted.

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The ballot provided for this demonstration to be submitted by a FOX21 employee, who got their ballot in the mail at some point after October 9, climate dropped it off at the Black woodland Park-n-Ride situated at the northwest corner of Black forest Road and also Woodmen Road, on Sunday, October 18. Your ballot was later welcomed by the El Paso County choice office the following day, October 19.