Natalie Morales. Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/ShutterstockAnother new face! Natalie Morales revealed the she is leaving NBC News after ~ 22 years to pursue another opportunity and will soon be a cohost top top The Talk.

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The Today anchor, 49, announced her exit to staffers top top Friday, October 1. “How execute you begin to say say thanks to you because that 22 remarkable years?” she began in a keep in mind to her colleagues. “I struggle to discover the ideal words and also there are way too many people I have to thank for a wonderful job at NBC News.”

Morales reflect on her “early days cutting my teeth” in ~ NBC News’ Hartford affiliate and “taking the substantial and — at the moment — petrifying leap to MSNBC and alas — scoring the gold tickets come the Today show and Dateline,” raving, “Never in a million year did ns imagine this when I dreamy of what I wanted to be when I prospered up!”

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The journalist shared that the first half of she life “has to be one complete of adventure, challenges, travel, means too numerous early wake-up calls and also yes, methods to witness background unfold and also to tell inspiring and impactful story that will constantly be in my mind’s to mark reel.” together her eldest son, Josh, prepares to go to college, she additionally feels “the time is appropriate (before the second half of mine life) to spread out my own wings and also to seek a brand-new adventure.”

She concluded: “To mine Dateline and also Today display families, it’s very hard to say goodbye … and also we all recognize in this company it’s never ever goodbye however see you later. I’m eternally grateful for the support and also deep friendships the will stay no matter where our routes lead. I have actually so much to it is in thankful for and also for every among you who helped me get here … muchísimas gracias mis amigos.”

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Morales join MSNBC in 2002 and also Today in 2006. She became an main correspondent for Dateline in 2020 and also will proceed to appear on the show through the end of the year. She is supposed to have actually a taking leave on Today in the main ahead.

The former Access Hollywood organize is the latest to join The Talk in current months ~ multiple departures. Sharon Osbourne exited in march amid conflict over she defense of friend Piers Morgan. Carrie Ann Inaba then said goodbye to the CBS talk display in august following prolonged hiatus due to health problems, and Elaine Welteroth also revealed she was leaving later on that month.

The slate of present cohosts contains Sheryl Underwood and Amanda Kloots as well as an ext recent additions Jerry O’Connell and also Akbar Gbajabiamila.

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“It’s one extraordinary opportunity to be joining this team at The Talk,” Morales said in a explain on Monday, October 4. “I love the new energy and also direction and couldn’t be much more excited to join Sheryl, Amanda, Jerry and also Akbar. Ns looking front to many good times when talking around the days’ topics, and also I can’t wait to obtain going.”

Daily Mail was the first to report the news the Morales’ move to The Talk.

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