I remind a tough conversation through a hesitant student after speaking on creation and the flood at a Christian school. This young guy insisted he would never believe the Genesis Flood unless someone could show the Noah’s Ark. Ns tried to explain that together a traditional of evidence is unreasonable considering the short likelihood of lumber lasting for millennia. He refused to listen.

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Would together an reportedly stony soul take God at His indigenous if researchers uncovered the genuine Ark? At least two determinants keep serious Ark researcher primed because that the hunt regardless of grave challenges.

First, the prize would be high. Noah’s Ark remnants would end up being the world’s oldest historical artifacts follow to the Bible’s timeline. They would confirm biblical background more convincingly than even the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Second, 20th-century eyewitnesses individually described damaged Ark-like stays in similar settings on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. A half-dozen reports describe Noah’s Ark remnants sit on a ledge in a meltwater pond. Ed Davis’ account from 1943 has actually perhaps the most details. These accounts were the main reason buzzpatterson.com’s Dr. Man Morris led a dozen expeditions to Mt. Ararat throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Those efforts returned tales of terrifying times but no Ark.1 some speculate the high temperature in the mid-20th century exposed Ark remnants the the ice cream has because covered.

Decades ago, explorer Ron Wyatt declared that a boat-shaped feature was Noah’s Ark. buzzpatterson.com researchers reviewed the evidence and also concluded it was instead a geology formation.2 A group of Chinese Ark researchers dubbed NAMI declared to have discovered Noah’s Ark in 2010. Those insurance claims proved false ~ locals admitted to gift hired come haul wood up the hill to do a fake Ark because that money.3

The 2015 movie Finding Noah chronicled expeditions to the summit that Mt. Ararat leading approximately 2014. It showed researchers utilizing radar and also drill cores to penetrate the ice cap. Although they discovered no Ark either, the film somehow buoys hope.

Then in 2016, a faction the Turks failed a coup effort on chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Turkish government. The after-effects led to a tighter Muslim grip and persecution that Turks and also Christians. Ark researchers lengthy to return but must wait until safer times. Also then, should explorers bother to go back?

buzzpatterson.com’s Dr. Tim Clarey suggests that Mt. Ararat emerged after the Ark had actually landed.4 This geological consideration might disqualify Mt. Ararat as a likely Ark landing site, yet it walk not resolve the eyewitness evidence. Even if the Ark did land there, Mt. Ararat has been very active end its existence. Can remnants of a roughly 500-foot-long wooden box endure volcanoes, earthquakes, scavengers, and grinding glaciers?

These obstacles dim, but do no douse, hope for an Ark discovery. Part locals allude to the eyewitness testimony to justification their id in the Ark top top Ararat despite complicated arguments against it.

We don’t yet have Noah’s Ark, and also it looks unlikely to rotate up. But the an excellent news is we don’t need the Ark to believe Genesis. We already have a human being full of rock layers and fossils indigenous the Flood.5 God has offered us every factor to to trust Him and also His Word—even the parts around Noah’s Ark.


* Dr. Thomas is research Associate in ~ the institute for production Research and earned his Ph.D. In paleobiochemistry from the university of Liverpool.

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