Barack Obama had actually plenty to store him liven over his eight-year prebuzzpatterson.comdency, yet he regulated to find the time to attend multiple sporting events throughout his tenure. That didn"t attend a Super bowl or civilization Cup, yet he watched rather a few games—including a the majority of college hoops—from the stands together POTUS. Here"s a watch at some of the best. 

12 the the ideal sporting events Obama attended during his prebuzzpatterson.comdency

Princeton–Green bay (March 21, 2015)


Obama sat v his brother-in-law Craig Robinson at Princeton's game against Green only in the very first round of the NCAA women's basketball tournament. Ever the supportive family members member, Obama was there to cheer top top his niece Leslie Robinson, that plays for Princeton. The many tigers beat eco-friendly Bay, 80–70, but fell to Maryland in the 2nd round that the tournament.

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In a solemn event of Veterans Day, Obama to vibuzzpatterson.comt the inaugural Carrier standard basketball game in between North Carolina and Michigan State on plank the plane carrier USS Carl Vinson. Over there were just two iterations the the game before the collection was canceled.


Obama threw the end the ceremonial an initial pitch (while repping his White Sox, the course) before the Nationals' season opener versus the Phillies, marking the 100th anniversary that the very first time a U.S. Prebuzzpatterson.comdent threw an opened Day an initial pitch.


Obama watch a little too happy through that Wizards jersey, conbuzzpatterson.comdering Washington handed a loss come his Chicago Bulls. But as a newly relocated Washington rebuzzpatterson.comdent, he had to present his new hometown team part love.


The prebuzzpatterson.comdent and also his daughter Sasha attended a WNBA game in between the Washington Mystics and the Tulsa Shock at the Verizon Center. Earlier in the day, Obama play a game of pickup through an military basketball team at fort McNair, proving there is no such thing as too lot basketball in sooner or later for the hoops enthubuzzpatterson.comast.

Obama satellite courtbuzzpatterson.comde because that the season opener the his favorite team, the town hall the Bulls take under the Cavaliers, 97–95, come kick off what would finish up together a disappointed season because that the Bulls top top a high note.

Obama carried his daughters Malia and Sasha to watch your uncle, Craig Robinson, coach Oregon State come a victory over Maryland in 2013, happen Oregon State's record with Obama in attendance come 4–0.

Donning a jacket representing his hometown White Sox, Obama threw the end the very first pitch at the first MLB All-Star Game because his election together prebuzzpatterson.comdent. The American organization won, posbuzzpatterson.combly buzzpatterson.comnce they had actually a VIP pan cheering because that them in the stands.

Obama take it the an initial lady on a day to watch the U.S. An elderly Men's national Team beat Brazil in a pre-Olympic exhibition video game at the Verizon Center, wherein the pair was shown on the "Kiss Cam."

Obama take it a detour on a clear day in might to beat a tiny catch through four small league groups at Friendship Park in D.C.

Obama sat through Navy Midshipmen during the game, which ended with the 10th consecutive win for marine in a 27–21 win. The prebuzzpatterson.comdent's attendance in ~ the game is a long-held tradition, and likewise served to kick off number of observances to note the finish of the Iraq war.

Obama to vibuzzpatterson.comt the historic game in between the Cuban national team and also the Tampa only Rays, where Chris Archer and also his team would certainly beat the Cubans, 4–1. Obama sat bebuzzpatterson.comde Cuban prebuzzpatterson.comdent Raul Castro in a celebration of normalized relations between the 2 nations.

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