Robert Redford is a well known American actor, well-known for his leading roles in movie such as "The an excellent Gatsby" and also "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Redford was a influential heartthrob among women in the 60s and also 70s, in spite of being married to Lola van Wagenen at the peak of his on-screen success. 

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In the past decade, Redford has actually turned his hand significantly towards manufacturing credits behind the scenes. Most recently, he to be an executive producer on CNN"s "Death row Stories" and AMC"s upcoming tv show "Dark Winds" together "Game the Thrones" writer George R.R. Martin. Redford"s most recent live-acting duty was in 2019"s "Avengers: Endgame." probably Redford"s openness come trying new things is linked to his ideology on life, together he told Collider, "I think ns have always looked forward, so i haven"t invested a the majority of time thinking around the previous unless there"s some value in bringing the previous forward in storytelling, yet that"s all."

So it"s really no surprised that when Redford obtained divorced from van Wagenen in 1985, the looked front to a new love, remarrying Sibylle Szaggars in 2009. So that is Szaggars? we take a look into her background after ~ the jump.


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Before divorcing, actor Robert Redford and also historian Lola van Wagenen welcomed four youngsters together — Scott Anthony, David James, Shauna Jean, and Amy Hart. Redford has tendency to be a personal person, but he did comment on his divorce to The Guardian in 2004, saying, "I acquired married very young, in ~ 21. Obviously i don"t want to denigrate the human I married, there to be a lot of an excellent reasons ... However when girlfriend ask me a question, choose why? I need to say it to be to save my life. That"s what it felt favor at the time." 

Robert Redford then met German artist Sibylle Szaggars at the Sundance festival in the late 90s, prior to getting married in 2009, every Reuters. Return the pair have actually no youngsters together, they have actually been together ever before since. The couple is quite private and not much is known about their marriage, with the closestly details comes from a 2011 interview that did through AARP. Redford said of his second wife, "She"s a really special person... She"s younger 보다 I am, and also European, which i like, for this reason that"s a whole brand-new life."

Szaggars likewise has a website committed to she art, wherein it details her miscellaneous accomplishments. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Szaggars also collaborated v her husband and composer Tim Janis to develop "The method of the Rain – reflections on Earth" video clip series, which explores "the worry of climate adjust resulting in rapidly an altering weather patterns."