SALMA HAYEK has stripped off for many movies in her time, however her sex scene in 1995 flick Desperado was definitely one of her sexiest buzzpatterson.comme date.

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Salma Hayek stripped naked for a sex scene in 1995 flick Desperado

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The currently 51-year-old played Carolina in the flick; which said the tale of a gunslinger who came to be embroiled in a war through a neighborhood drug runner.

In one sizzling scene, Salma buzzpatterson.comuld be seen getting down and also dirty with her Antonio Banderas, who played El Mariachi in the film.

The bombshell showcased she washboard abs together she filmed the passionate clinch, through her displaying her ample assets and incredibly toned pins.

Salma previously described that her first sex scene alongside Antonio in the movie take it eight hours instead the the booked one buzzpatterson.comme film.

buzzpatterson.comLUMBIA PICTURES

Salma flaunted she sensational figure in the saucy throwback

buzzpatterson.comLUMBIA PICTURES

Salma starred together Antonio reversal in the film
The beauty beauty shared: ”I’m not an exhibitionist. It to be the first time, so it was an extremely difficult."

Salma was also asked around which body she would now like to enhance from 10 year ago, to which she responded: "My boobs."

However, she included to Allure magazine: ”They"re not bad, through the way. I"m no buzzpatterson.commplaining about them.”

buzzpatterson.comLUMBIA PICTURES

Pair acquired hot and also heavy in the 1995 flick

That certainly wasn"t the only nude step Salma has actually done, v her also stripping off for stunning scenes in 2006 film Ask the Dawn 11 year later, with her acquisition to the display alongside buzzpatterson.comlin Farrell.

The brunette might be seen obtaining wet and wild while going for a dip in the ocean late at night.

Salma, once again, stripped totally naked as the tide lapped around her nude body, v her showcasing her tremendous stomach and ample assets.

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