"We constantly kind of pound in that, "You"ll have actually instincts. You"ll understand what you"re doing, you"re a mom!" however we don"t to speak it might be yes, really hard," states The View co-host

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On Wednesday's The View, the co-host opened up around what she desire she knew before welcoming her first child ago in 2016. Haines, 43 — who shares three youngsters with husband Max Shifrin: son Caleb Joseph, 21 months, daughter Sandra Grace, 3, and also son Alec Richard, 5 — says she feel "so broken" once she didn't "instantly" develop motherly instincts.

"One the my first lessons i learned ~ above the task was appropriate after I had actually my first child, Alec, i didn't feel what everyone had actually described. You know, in every Instagram post, 'It's just like everything! It's beautiful!' " claims Haines.

"I think so lot of that is true when we look ago on the day — and also some world probably do feel that — but I don't think we speak enough about that you just met this baby, and also you might love them and wanna protect them, yet you don't understand them," she continues. "We always kind of lb in that, 'You'll have actually instincts. You'll understand what you're doing, you're a mom!' yet we don't to speak it might be really hard."

"You're most likely not gonna understand what you're doing; you're gonna find out on the job. It's okay," add to Haines. "I think I simply felt so damaged when i didn't feeling what everyone else had said I would certainly instantly. I'll it is in the voice for the civilization who don't feel that and also let you recognize you're not alone. It's a work in progress."

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In February, Haines talked around being a working mom during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, explaining why she feeling her family is complete with three small ones.

When one follower asked, "More babies for you? Or is three sufficient LOL," she replied: "I would love 10 more!!!! yet 3 is all I have the right to handle while being my best version because that each of lock ❤️❤️❤️"



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Haines, who also hosts the game show The Chase, described what she feels as being the "best" and "worst" parts around being a functioning mother. "Best component = feeling an ext energized and confident as a an outcome of mine work," she wrote. "Worst part = the guilt that time far from them."

Said Haines, "I'm not...I can promise friend that. I have actually my days whereby I to be unstoppable and also so top top it. And then the next, i feel overwhelmed. Just doing my best like everyone else."

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