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GettySinger/songwriter Stevie Wonder speak onstage at the GRAMMY FYC “For your Consideration” event for The 57th yearly GRAMMY Awards and also the CBS Stevie Wonder special at Avalon ~ above June 16, 2015, in Los Angeles, California.

Despite Wonder’s blindness, he was a really happy child. As soon as he was 5 year old, he reportedly told his mother, “Don’t worry around me being blind, since I’m happy.” as soon as asked byOprah Winfrey about the remark, he explained, “It bothered me the my mom was crying every the time. She thought God might be punishing her for something. She lived throughout a time when things to be particularly an overwhelming for a woman in her circumstances.”

Wonder taught self to beat the harmonica at period 5, and by the time he was 10, he had likewise mastered the piano and also drums. Follow to Biography, his talents recorded the fist of Ronnie White that the band The Miracle, which caused an audition with Motown documents founder Berry Gordy Jr. And also launched his career.

He said The brand-new York times in 1975 the his blindness play a major role in his music, as it enabled him come express his creativity in unthinkable ways. “It’s play a component in the I’m may be to use my creativity to go places, to compose words about things I’ve heard world talk about. In music and also in being blind, I’m able to combine what civilization say through what’s inside me.”

Wonder likewise told The Guardian in 2012 the he never ever felt hindered through his disability, and also he feels prefer God do him blind for a reason. “I to be what ns am. Ns love me! and also I don’t typical that egotistically — i love that God has allowed me come take whatever it to be that ns had and to do something the end of it.”

Wonder is Performing in theOne World: with each other at HomeEvent to Raise Awareness of the COVID-19 Virus


One World: #TogetherAtHome is a historic, an international broadcast to assistance the fight against #COVID19.

Watch here

— people Health company (WHO) (

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WHO) April 17, 2020

Wonder will be performing during theOne World: with each other at Homeconcert occasion to help raise accumulation and attend to the fight versus the COVID-19 pandemic scan the globe. Together at Hometakes ar on April 18 in ~ 8 p.m. ET. The event will feature dozens the the world’s greatest musicians, performers and also celebrities and also will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and also Stephen Colbert.

“We are grateful come the exclusive sector who have listened to the public’s call for activity and come with each other to support the worldwide response to COVID19. This pandemic is too big for governments to tackle alone,” Hugh Evans, co-founder and also CEO of an international Citizen, claimed in a statement. “We are likewise incredibly thankful for the continued support from the artist neighborhood to do ‘One World: with each other at Home’ a minute of worldwide unity. Ours hope for the distinct is that everyone will come away believing the we, as a mutual humanity, can arise from this minute forever grateful for the work of doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery save workers and also all those who space the backbone of our communities.”