Adventurers down through background have make spectacular claims about the discovery of all kinds of biblical website or “holy” relics.

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The divine grail, the fabled King Solomon’s Mines, andmore recently, Noah’s Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, and many morehave featured in fabulous story of adventure and also discovery.

Adolf Hitler to be allegedly in possession the what he believedwas the “holy lance,” the spear offered by the centurion to pierceChrist’s side. This was just one of numerous relics der Führerobtained (or sought) to accomplish his obsession v the occult. Interestingly,several such “genuine” spears space owned by miscellaneous collectorsaround the world.

Not surprisingly, the cup Christ offered at His critical Supper,dubbed the “holy grail,” is also simultaneously in the possessionof several civilization at various locations. The has also had a movie basedon it: Indiana Jones and also the critical Crusade.

Then there space pieces of hardwood “from the really crossof Christ.” In the 4th century, Helena, the roman inn Emperor Constantine’smother, made a trip to the holy Land. “There with a rapidityand assurance that have the right to only win wonder in the modern archaeologist,legend has actually it the she unearthed the True Cross, the lance, the crownof thorns, and also identified, under a holy place of Aphrodite, the dig of Christ.”1

Could the garden of Eden ever be found?

The holy bible says concerning the location of Eden: “Anda river went the end of Eden to water the garden; and from thence itwas parted, and also became into four heads” (Genesis 2:10). 2 of these rivers are called Hiddekel (Tigris) andPerath (Euphrates).

This is why plenty of Christians think that the originalgarden was located somewhere in the Mesopotamian an ar (aroundpresent day Iraq) where the modern-day Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow.However, the holy bible records a devastating an international Flood, countless centuriesafter Adam and also Eve were expelled indigenous the Garden. Sedimentary layers,sometimes mile thick, bear mute testimony to this substantial wateryupheaval i m sorry tore apart and also buried forever the pre-Flood world.

After the Flood, the survivors moved to the plainof Shinar (Sumeria/Babylonia) i m sorry is where we uncover rivers todaycalled Tigris and Euphrates. These are therefore plainly not thesame rivers. They operation on top of Flood-deposited class of absent containingbillions of dead things. They were more than likely named ~ the originalpre-Flood rivers, simply as inhabitants from the British island to NorthAmerica and Australasia used familiar name to plenty of places intheir “new world.”

Note also that the holy bible speaks that one river breakinginto four, just two of i m sorry were dubbed Tigris and Euphrates. Thisis no what is uncovered in the Middle eastern today.

The Garden’s actual place on the world cannever it is in established—maybe that was whereby we now uncover the middleof the Pacific Ocean!

This overcome became things of pilgrimage, v pieces cutoff as a token for the one that made a generous offering. Theologian JohnCalvin (1509–1564) wrote that, through his day, there to be so many partsof the “true cross” approximately that “whereas the originalcross can be lugged by one man, it would certainly take three hundred males tosupport the weight of the existing fragments of it.”2Similar “amazing discoveries”are tho announced today. Occasionally they are based upon ignorance (or rejection)of Scripture. Because that example, it to be recently claimed in a Time-Lifedocumentary the the site of the Garden that Eden had been found—butsee the box to the left.3Such a staggeringly impressive list would average that Ron Wyatt had actually been virtually as miraculously assisted by God as the patriarch Moses.In the situation of various other recent “discoveries,” however,the would-be Indiana Joneses are an extremely familiar v the Bible. Possibly the mostwell-known room the insurance claims of one Ron Wyatt, native Tennessee, greatly promotedalso through a Jonathan Gray, from south Australia.

The Wyatt/Gray cases are important astonishing (see exceptional claims). Unfortunately, reliable Bible-believingarchaeologists and also other experts willing and capable of offering an objectiveassessment are never ever able to inspect out the claimed artifacts. Over there isgenerally a plausible-sounding story regarding why that is impossible, orwhy the moment is no right. The alleged recognize of the Ark that the Covenant(see additionally The Ark of the Covenant—could it evenbe found?) is connected with claims of superordinary intervention,photographs mysteriously gaining fogged or vanishing, and also “Men inBlack” style government cover-ups.

Are the claims true? If castle are, together a staggeringly impressivelist would mean that Ron Wyatt had been nearly as miraculously aided by Godas the patriarch Moses.4 If, however, a cautious examination of simply oneor two of these cases reveals them to be false, cool or fraudulent, the“divine leading” choice evaporates, and also it is clear the Christiansare gift seriously misled.

The non-Ark site


Well-known creationist geophysicist Dr man Baumgardner, a scientistat Los Alamos Laboratories respected for his job-related on bowl tectonics.He is known for his strong stand on the fact of Genesis. The researchedthe “Ark-site” with Wyatt and eventually finish theclaims to be “bogus.”

Back in 1992, Wyatt’s “Noah’s Ark”claim (see This is no the Ark of Noah)was subject to a thoroughly investigative exposé in this magazine(see online version).5 The 13-page report called of exactly how this to adjust hadchecked the claims, even ringing the lab staff that had actually done the analyses,for instance. Sadly, though we would have been delighted if this reallywere the Ark, us found practically all the certain claims to be untrue and/ormisleading.

Theresults of detailed evaluation of this site, consisting of mapping, magnetometersurveys,6 drill-core sampling, and more, permit any geologistto have the ability to diagnose v certainty the exact nature that this geologicalobject.7

The “discoverers”have due to the fact that produced a rebuttal, convincing just to those who have misunderstoodor not very closely read our article. Castle quote as support the well-knowncreationist scientist Dr man Baumgardner (right), yet in fact he long ago decided the this “find”was a geological formation. They also appeal to the late naval engineerDavid Fasold. Fasold, who had repeatedly rejected biblical authority,did initially think it to be a boat, however towards his life’s end co-authoredan post in a geology journal sustaining its true nature.8

When questioned around Baumgardner’s retraction, Wyatt hasclaimed that it was made for fear of losing his job. However Baumgardner hasbeen recognized as a “full-on” creationist in his job and also communityfor years, and also had no challenge agreeing come our publishing an interviewwith him in 1997. At that time, that told us that Wyatt’s claims abouthimself were together “bogus” together Wyatt’s claims around the“Ark site.”9

Sodom and also Gomorrah?

The remnants the Sodom and Gomorrah? The “discoverers”featured in our write-up have persuaded a variety of people unfamiliarwith basic geology that the larger picture at left is the city ofGomorrah, over middle is a “ziggurat,” and the rightimage a “sphinx.” However, the reality is less spectacular.In this Dead Sea area (near Masada), there are numerous soft, evaporitedeposits like this, i beg your pardon can quickly be shame by the action ofwind and rain. No only has on-site geological evaluation shown thisto be the case—lab testing of alleged “ash” samples(see below) definitively confirms the these are not “burntbuildings” (see main text).

Mineral Sample 1Sample 2
Unidentified clay25

Answers in Genesis did no attempt come involve itselfin checking any kind of of the other claims, yet someone who had been v Wyatt tohis “Sodom and also Gomorrah” site10 sent us samples he had actually from over there of the allegedash native a pair of the “buildings,” and a sulfur ball.11 The photos present the structuresat “Sodom and also Gomorrah,” together with the labels put on castle by Wyatt.Simple visual inspection of such photos (and the town hall videos placed out by these“amazing discoverers”) strongly says that these “buildingruins” are soft sedimentary frameworks with part lamination, carved intoan selection of shapes by rain and also wind.

To placed it mildly, the case that such frameworks would formfrom incinerated buildings, then survive in the open for thousands of years,defies knowledge of simple scientific ethics (not to mention common sense).

Nevertheless, we sent out the samples for chemical analysisto a trustworthy Australian laboratory.12 their report was interpreted by a Ph.D. Geochemist.13The visibility of the sulfur sphere is no surprising—the whole areais rich in organic sulfur. The outcomes from the “ash” (seechart below, right) to be not constant with what would certainly be expectedfrom incinerated ancient buildings, or absent ash of any kind of sort. Instead,they plainly indicated an deposit of gypsum-typeminerals. This crumbly, quickly eroded material fully explains the visualimpressions, and is regular with the known features of this area. Thechemistry likewise shows wealth of carbonates, which would certainly be brokendown through heat.14

Pharaoh’s chariots?

Some unsolicited evidence also came our way concerning thealleged chariot wheels of the Exodus (which have actually never to be made availableto any type of archaeologists, Bible-believing or otherwise). Over there is a JonathanGray video clip purporting to show these on the bottom that the Red Sea. In onepart, Gray cases that a “British Admiralty chart” the is holdingshows a “sand bridge” with an excellent depths either side.

The hydrographic office of the UK set of Defense is, by internationalagreement, the authority because that charting the Red Sea. A grandm M. H. Sent themthe video; they wrote ago to she that:

Gray’s chart could be positively established onblowups as United claims chart no. 62020.

“Contrary to grandfather Gray’s statement, the ‘sandbridge’ is no now, and never has actually been, a recognizable featureon brothers Admiralty Charts. Nor is the recognizable on the U.S. Chartheld by grandfather Gray.”

Gray’s comments about the “great depths”also mislead.

The normally lit video clip footage of the sea floor couldnot possibly have been filmed all over near the spot declared by Gray,as poor light would pass through at that depth.

Subsequently, Gray published a 2nd letter indigenous the sameoffice, claiming that vindicated his cases of a “sand bridge.”However, once we checked with them, they created that your comments hadbeen “seriously edited,” with “selected parts”shown under their letterhead. The complete letter, i m sorry they sent us, “doesnot confirm the visibility of a ‘sand bridge.””

In short, whenever we have had actually the possibility to objectivelyassess any type of of this claims, the exact same pattern emerges together from our “Ark”investigation.

In Closing

There is little doubt that the genuine discovery of certainobjects would be both exciting and a powerful witness to the truth ofthe biblical record. However, we need to be mindful not to become likesome medieval pilgrims, keen to have relics to supplement (or supplant)the prayer of the living God. Christ actually taught the if human being didnot listen to “Moses and also the prophets,” then neither wouldsomething together spectacular as someone rising from the dead to convince them(Luke 16).

No doubt together fanciful insurance claims as disputed here will alwaysbe with us, make by those seeking either profit, fame, the fulfillment that somedeep mental needs, or any mix of these. The “discoverers”will often appear fully sincere, saying all the “right Christian things.”Perhaps at some point they have actually even encouraged themselves.

The bible does no say we have to “believe all things,”but fairly that we have to “prove every things” (% bible "1Thessalonians 5:21" %). No does the encourage a gullible approachtoward those declare the surname of Christ. Rather, it warns about wolvesamong the flock, and also teaches the the love of male is deceitful anddepraved (Jeremiah 17:9).

As in other areas, especially claims lug an extraordinaryburden the proof. Over there is currently a substantial amount of historical andother evidence regular with the fact of the Bible. Bible-believingexperts exist in numerous fields, such together the archaeologist author the ourarticle ~ above Jericho (The walls of Jericho). They are constantly glad come assess and also publicize yes, really evidenceof actual finds (there have actually been many over the years) sustaining thehistoricity that the Bible.

Amazing claims

Ron Wyatt has claimed, amongst other things, to havediscovered the following:

The Ark of the Covenant.Chariot wheels and also other relics indigenous Pharaoh’s drowned army at the bottom of the Red Sea.The genuine Sodom and also Gomorrah, with structure outlines quiet standing together piles that sulfur-fried ash.Noah’s Ark.The absent at Horeb.The true website of Korah’s earthquake.Noah’s house, and also the tombs of Mr and Mrs Noah, together with millions worth of her jewelry (allegedly climate stolen native Wyatt).The genuine site the the crucifixion, apparently above the cave containing the Ark the the Covenant, so the Christ’s blood would drip on to the Mercy Seat.An yes, really sample that Christ’s blood, v chromosomes accused still visible under the microscope, reflecting that there to be no human being father. Placed in growth medium, the cells started dividing, says Ron.

TheArk the the Covenant—could it even be found?

The Wyatt/Gray “track record” that false claimson other subjects (see main text) renders it straightforward to i disbanded thesecurrent claimants to finding the Ark the the Covenant, follow me withall your “reasons” regarding why no one is convenientlyallowed to accessibility any difficult evidence.

The Ark to be probably lost or ruined when the Babylonianssacked Jerusalem in 587 B.C. And also destroyed the temple. If Jews had actually hiddenit, the Ark would surely have been offered in the 2nd Temple, i beg your pardon Josephussays it no (Jewish battles 5:219).

An added reason because that skepticism, i m sorry would apply toany future such cases by others, relates come God’s dealingsin fulfilling the Old agreement system via the new Covenant in Christ.God forcefully prove this v the destruction of the Jerusalemtemple in advertisement 70, guess by Christ four years earlier(Matthew 24). There were to it is in no moreanimal sacrifices when His designated“Passover Lamb,” theLord Jesus Christ (John 1:29, Rev. 13:8), had been slain “once forall” (Hebrews 10:10).

Jeremiah 3:16 strongly argues that there is to it is in no reappearanceof the Ark of the Covenant, either: “And it shall come topass, as soon as ye be multiplied and also increased in the land, in those days,saith the LORD, lock shall speak no more, The ark that the commitment of theLORD: no shall it involved mind: neither shall they remember it; neithershall castle visit it; no shall the be done any kind of more.” Returnto text.

This is not the Ark that Noah

Many people have seen photographs comparable to these,depicting what some proceed to claim is the remains of Noah’sark. However, this is an unusual, though natural, geologic formation.

A thorough examination of evidence from the site,along through the eyewitness testimony that Bible-believing scientistswho have actually been there, confirms this conclusion.

Has the Ark, or some of it, endured the ravages oftime in part form? Tantalizing clues and also alleged eyewitness accountsfrom places on greater Mt Ararat are available. However, come date,all efforts to find any definite hard proof to check them havefailed. Production magazine will reportreliably ~ above this issue, so girlfriend will understand if and also when God shouldpermit such critical find. Return to text.

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National Geographic, 164 (6):723, December1983.John Calvin, book of Days, Volume 1, p. 587.Time-Life video and tv Production,Lost civilizations: Mesopotamia, go back to Eden, 1995.E.g. Wyatt tells that in solution to his prayer,an earthquake opened, then seamlessly closed the alleged Noah’sArk site to allow him to look in ~ its “petrified timbers.”He has likewise claimed the divine gift that deciphering various old writingswithout any kind of training.This was to test the delinquent of consistent metallicreadings—this is very sensitive instrument.The formation is also crosscut by an noticeable layerof fossil-bearing (Flood deposited) limestone; this alone eliminatesany possibility that the is what Wyatt et al claim. The Wyattclaims appear to have actually misled part sincere Christians right into repeatingthem.D.F. Fasold, “Bogus ‘Noah’s Ark’from Turkey exposed together a usual geologic structure,” Journalof Geoscience education and learning 44:439–444, 1996. The human being who detailed the samples was at thattime favorably disposed come the claims.These occur naturally at miscellaneous localities.Amdel Laboratories Ltd., south Australia.Dr Clyde Webster, of the Adventist Geoscience ResearchInstitute in the US.This is the principle on which many drypowder fire extinguishers work. The heated lead carbonate releases CO2,smothering the fire.The mountain called “Sinai” this day does no fit well through the biblical data—no much less than eight sites have actually been proposed end the years.An avid disciple that Gray/Wyatt in south Australiatold answer in Genesis of a phone contact from Ron Wyatt confirmingthat he had actually the Ten Commandments in his possession, and would releasethem at part future time once believers were about to it is in persecuted.We expressed surprise that who would, if the case were true, besitting for the last couple of years on such a priceless treasure, through itsenormous worth to Christianity, in his garage, together it were.