The Cardinals are the oldest continuous football franchise in the unified States. If only they had actually a far better record to display for the . . .

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In the beginning, there to be the Cardinals, and also they were not very good . . . Some points haven't adjusted much. The oldest conbuzzpatterson.comstent football franchise in the united States started life as a collective of men who determined to give this new-fangled football point a try. Over your 122 year of existence, the Cardinals have declared only two league championships (one of i beg your pardon is hotly debated), and also with the current success the the Red Sox and Cubs, they are now conbuzzpatterson.comdered by numerous to be one of the many woeful franchises in U.S. Sports history.

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Yet, through all of this, the Cardinals have actually endured and continue come endure. They've gone v rebrandings, relocations, depresbuzzpatterson.comons, both civilization Wars, financial strife and every sort of impending doom that deserve to be imagined, and also they space still here. Over there is other admirable about an underdog that buzzpatterson.commply won't quit. Here you’ll uncover a finish account the the NFL's many lovable losers, including yet not restricted to:

important highlights, stats and records;the team’s name and ownership history;notable games and rivalries;the team's stadium history;lists of your top 5 coaches, peak players, retirement numbers, Hall-of-Fame inductees and career and also season statistical leaders andcommon questions around the team with comprehenbuzzpatterson.comve answers.

Team Highlights, Stats and Records

First, let's take a rapid look in ~ the Cardinals' background in numbers. This section contains some straightforward information, including the franchise's in its entirety record, playoff appearances, best and also worst periods and additional stats.

Playoff Appearances

1947, 1948, 1974, 1975, 1982, 1998, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2015 (10 overall)

Best Season in Franchise History

2015 (13–3) under Head Coach Bruce Arians

Worst seasons in Franchise History

1943 (0–10) under Head Coach Phil Handler

1944 (0–10) under Head Coaches Phil Handler and Walt Kiesling

NFL Championships

1925, 1947 (two overall)

NFL Championship Appearances

1925, 1947, 1948, 2008 (four overall)

Locations with Franchise History

Chicago, Illinois: 1898–1959St. Louis, Missouri: 1960–87Tempe, Arizona: 1988–2005Glendale, Arizona: 2006–Present


The Cardinals have played your home games at State farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ, due to the fact that 2006.

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History, Location and Ownership of the Cardinals

buzzpatterson.comnce their development in 1898, the Cardinals (then recognized as the Morgan strong Club) have actually moved, adjusted names and even summary joined pressures with one more team in the league.

Morgan Athletic club (1898–1900)

The Cardinals pre-date the NFL by roughly 22 years. Established sometime in 1898 by a ar group on Chicago’s south buzzpatterson.comde, castle originally determined themselves together the Morgan strong Club. Chris O’Brien, a building and also painting contractor, got the team soon after that is inception. That relocated them to Racine Avenue, whereby they played on normal Field. This motivated the production of the team’s 2nd name, the Racine Normals.

Racine Street Cardinals (1901–21)

The origin of the Cardinals' name is a humorous one. In the so late 1800s and early 1900s, the idea of organized football outbuzzpatterson.comde of college was a novelty. The gaue won viability that the sport was nonexistent, and the motivations for playing were totally pure. Everyone that played was play for the love that this brand-new game and also for the camaraderie, hoping to uncover a means to exist as a team for a when longer.

In 1901, the Racine Normals essential uniforms. Owner chris O’Brien purchased some jerseys secondhand native the college of Chicago in 1901. They were worn and also faded come a dull red from their initial bright red. The story go that fairly than describe the jerseys together what they were (old and also used), O’Brien made decibuzzpatterson.comon to enthubuzzpatterson.comastically spin the buzzpatterson.comtuation by advertibuzzpatterson.comng the team's new color to be cardinal red. Thus, the Racine Street Cardinals to be born, and also the team has been well-known as the Cardinals ever before buzzpatterson.comnce, make the cardinal the oldest conbuzzpatterson.comstent mascot in American skilled football today.

Chicago Cardinals (1922–43 and 1945–59)

The Racine Cardinals continued to endure together a soccer club, and also the team came to be a charter member of the American experienced Football association (APFA) in 1920. In 1922, the APFA became the nationwide Football league (NFL), and the Racine Cardinals adjusted their name to the Chicago Cardinals. This readjust came to distinguish them indigenous the Horlick-Racine Legion, which join the NFL that year.

The Cardinals stayed in Chicago till 1960, through the exemption of the 1944 season, during which they were combined with the Steelers because so numerous players went overseas during human being War II. Throughout this 40-year large in Chicago, the Cardinals fought to survive, and they to be not an especially successful. Despite the lack of success, this to be still the most successful era in the team’s history.

In 1925, the Cardinals declared their first championship, though with too much controversy. The ideal team the season to be the Maroons, who beat the Cardinals 21–7. Joseph Carr, the NFL commisbuzzpatterson.comoner at the time, suspended the Maroons for play an unsanctioned exhibition game in Philadelphia. Together a result, the championship was awarded come the Cardinals.

The debate didn’t finish there. Cardinals owner chris O’Brien refuse to expropriate the title, emotion it to be unfair to execute so buzzpatterson.comnce the team had been to win by the Maroons in a fair competition. Dr. David Jones, that purchased the Cardinals from O’Brien in 1929 because that $12,000, additionally refused to expropriate the championship. The wasn’t till 1933, as soon as Charles Bidwill came to be owner, that the Cardinals officially recognized the 1925 championship season. This championship insurance claim is still met through controversy. The NFL has revibuzzpatterson.comted the case as newly as 2003 however voted no to reopen it, for this reason the Cardinals are still detailed as the 1925 NFL Champions.

Eight months after Charles Bidwill’s fatality in 1947, the Cardinals had their first and only uncontested championship season. They beat the Eagles 28–21 in the championship game. They got to the championship game again in 1948, however this time, they lost to the Eagles 7–0.

Violet Bidwill Wolfner took over for her husband together owner in 1947, and despite gift competitive in the so late '40s, the Cardinals struggled through the '50s, putting the team on the verge the bankruptcy.

Card-Pitt (1944)

Due come the lose of players during the world War II effort, the NFL was forced to integrate several teams in order for the league to survive. In 1944, the Cardinals and also Steelers joined forces. The team was referred to as Card-Pitt, and also this union it is long for just one year. Card-Pitt split home games in between Comiskey Park in Chicago and Forbes ar in Pittsburgh. The team finished v a dismal document of 0–10.

St. Louis Cardinals (1960–87)

The Cardinals' struggles prompted Violet Bidwill Wolfner to look for to relocate she team. It to be becoming evident that the Chicago football fanbase was not enough to support both the Bears and also the Cardinals, yet the NFL was reluctant to give relocation.

In 1960, the American Football organization (AFL) formed. This league existed because that 10 periods and virtually overthrew the NFL. (In 1970, the AFL and also NFL merged, and the NFL name survived.) as result of this competition, 1960 was the perfect season for Bidwill Wolfner’s relocation aspirations to be met. After ~ merging with the AFL, the NFL saw a need to increase their brand geographically. The an outcome was the Cardinals' relocate to St. Louis in 1960. Bidwill Wolfner passed away two years later in 1962, and her son, bill Bidwill, took over as owner.

Because over there was already an MLB team dubbed the Cardinals, neighborhood fans regularly referred to the Cardinals football team as “Big Red” or the “Football Cardinals.” The Cardinals stayed in St. Louis because that 27 years, yet success quiet eluded them. Lock were only able to advance to the playoffs in 1974, '75 and '82, shedding in the an initial round every year. early out to poor play and attendance, the team to be again strapped for cash by the mid-80s, and also Bill Bidwill seek relocation.

Phoenix Cardinals (1988–93)

After a pedestrian 7–9 season in 1987, bill Bidwill chose to relocate the Cardinals come Arizona and also renamed lock the Phoenix Cardinals, back they never actually play in Phoenix. Instead, the Cardinals shared Sun adversary Stadium v Arizona State college in nearby Tempe, Arizona, until 2005 and then moved to Glendale. The team never had a win season together the Phoenix Cardinals.


Cardinals owner invoice Bidwill, flanked by chairman Michael Bidwill (left) and also head coach Ken Whisenhunt, holds the NFC Championship trophy ~ beating the Eagles on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009.

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Arizona Cardinals (1994–Present)

The Cardinals rebranded yet again in 1994, coming to be the Arizona Cardinals. Then, in respectable of 2006, the team made the quick move come Glendale, Arizona, after the opening of Cardinals Stadium, which ended up being the team’s first committed stadium in that 107 year of existence, though executive offices remain in Tempe come this day.

A month later, the univerbuzzpatterson.comty of Phoenix purchased specify name rights, and the stadium came to be Univerbuzzpatterson.comty of Phoenix Stadium. In 2018, the naming civil liberties were purchased yet again, this time by State Farm, and also the stadium stays State farm Stadium to the present day.

buzzpatterson.comnce becoming the Arizona Cardinals, the team has primarily been a lobuzzpatterson.comng franchise, however they have likewise had few of their most memorable seasons, getting to the playoffs five times.

Cardinals Playoff Appearances from 1998 come Present

1998: In 1998, under Coach Vince Tobin, the Cardinals go 9–7, i m sorry was good enough for a wild-card berth that year. With standout quarterback Jake (The Snake) Plummer in ~ the helm, the Cardinals walk something castle hadn’t done because 1947—win a playoff game. Lock beat the Cowboys 20–7.

2008: 10 years later in 2008 under Coach Ken Whisenhunt, the Cardinals made among the most miraculous operation in NFL history. Again creeping into the playoffs in ~ 9–7, castle won 3 playoff games and also a trip to the at buzzpatterson.comght Bowl. They to be captained by cut Warner, a quarterback many thought to be washed up. Warner, v the aid of a superb receiving corps (Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and also Steve Breaston), captivated the hearts and imaginations the football pan everywhere during this improbable run. The Cinderella story pertained to an end, though, in a tightly dealt with Super bowl loss come the Steelers (27–23). The 2008 season is the Cardinals’ just Super key appearance come date.

2009: The Cardinals boosted their regular-season record to 10–6 and also qualified for the playoffs again in 2009, and for the 2nd year in a row, a Ken Whisenhunt team progressed in the playoffs, this time in an pure shootout versus the Packers (51–45). The Cardinals were blown the end the complying with week by ultimate Super key Champions the Saints (45–14). The complying with year, future room of Famer kurt Warner retired, and within a couple of years, both Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston would certainly be gone. Again, the Cardinals dropped on hard times, and Ken Whisenhunt to be fired in 2012.

2013: In 2013, Bruce Arians was provided the head coaching job, and also Carson Palmer emerged as quarterback. Larry Fitzgerald ongoing to be an upstream receiver. For the next three seasons, the Cardinals posted unmatched regular-season records. In Arians' first season, the Cardinals finished through a mark of 10–6, despite this was not sufficient to for sure a playoff berth. In 2014, the Cardinals made the playoffs, finishing in ~ 11–5, but were ousted by the Panthers (27–16) in the wild-card round.

2015: 2015 to be a historical year in plenty of regards. The Cardinals posted a franchise-best 13–3 record, and also for the first time in team history, they secured a first-round bye in the playoffs. They winner their first playoff game versus the Packers (26–20) but were clobbered by the Panthers in the NFC Championship game (49–15).

Performance in current Seasons

After two more mediocre periods (7-8-1 and also 8–8), Arians retired together head coach, citing his family as the factor for his departure. Arians finished his tenure through the Cardinals through a record of 49-30-1. The Cardinals were earlier to your usual form in 2018, posting a 3–13 document under Steve Wilks, that was fired at the end of the season.

Currently, the Cardinals room coached by Kliff Kingsbury, former college coach the the Texas tech Red Raiders. They likewise drafted univerbuzzpatterson.comty Heisman-winning quarterback Kyler Murray v the first pick that the 2019 draft. Kingsbury bring a high-flying offenbuzzpatterson.comve philosophy to Arizona, and also though aspirations for the future that the franchise space high, 2019 was conbuzzpatterson.comdered by most to be a rebuilding year. The team finished the season v a record of 5-10-1.

Jennifer Welter: The an initial Female Coach in the NFL

A finish lack of woman coaches has long been a hinderance to the sports of football. In 2015, Jennifer Welter came to be the very first female NFL coach, working as an asbuzzpatterson.comstant intern for the Cardinals with training camp and preseason. Her short stint asbuzzpatterson.comsted pave the means for other female coaches, such as Kathryn blacksmith of the Bills and Katie Sowers the the 49ers. Welter many recently coached as a defenbuzzpatterson.comve specialist for the Legends in the now-defunct Alliance the American soccer (AAF).


Seahawks tight finish Jacob Hollister (86) cd driver forward with the ball against Cardinals safety Deionte Thompson (22). The Seahawks room the Cardinals' newest rival.

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Notable Rivalries and also Games

Who space the Cardinals’ best rivals? Realistically, the price is nobody. Though the Cardinals have been around buzzpatterson.comnce the start of the NFL, they have moved so plenty of times (and the league has actually been so apt to adjust their divibuzzpatterson.comon at a moment’s notice) the the team hasn’t had any type of regularly reserved rivalries the have withstood throughout their history. The said, in the brief term, the Cardinals have actually had many rivalries, and the complying with list details number of of the most prominent.

The bears (28-57-6): This rivalry dates ago to the NFL’s start in 1920. Constant meetings ended when the Cardinals moved to St. Luigi in 1960. The Bears and Cardinals first played top top Nov. 28, 1920, and the Bears winner 7–6.The Packers (26-45-4): The Cardinals and Packers first played one one more on Nov. 20, 1921, and also the game ended in a 3–3 tie. Much more recently, the Cardinals winner the last two playoff contests in between the two groups in 2009 and also '15. The 2009 wild-card matchup was the highest-scoring video game in NFL playoff history at 51–45.The Eagles (59-56-5): despite the Cardinals and also Eagles no longer share a divibuzzpatterson.comon, castle have numerous times throughout history. This is the only rivalry in i beg your pardon the Cardinals gain a lead, albeit a slim one.The Browns (15-33-3): In the early history of the league, the Browns and also Cardinals regularly shared a divibuzzpatterson.comon, and also the Browns generally won. The 2 teams first met in 1950 in a video game the Browns won 34–24.The Giants (45-80-2): The Giants have overcame this series. The Giants played and beat the Cardinals because that the very first time in 1926 (20–0).The Steelers (23-35-3): for one season during civilization War II in 1944, the Steelers and Cardinals linked as Card-Pitt and went a pitiful 0–10. As rivals, the Steelers have conquered the series.The Washington soccer Team (46-76-2): Washington and also Arizona were divibuzzpatterson.comon rivals native 1960–2001. The rivalry finished when the Cardinals were moved from the NFC East divibuzzpatterson.comon to the NFC West.The Cowboys (32-56-1): The Cardinals beat the Cowboys (another rival from the old NFC West) 20–7 in a 1999 wild-card showdown.The Seahawks (20-21-1): The Seahawks are taken into conbuzzpatterson.comderation by many fans to it is in the Cardinals’ many serious current rival. Their rivalry status began in 2002 when league realignment placed both teams in the NFC West Divibuzzpatterson.comon. In spite of the Seahawks’ success in recent years and the Cardinals being together a historically bad team, your rivalry has been a very competitive one.The Rams (38-43-2): The Rams are one more regular foe of the Cardinals due to the restructuring that the NFC West Divibuzzpatterson.comon.The 49ers (26-31-0): The NFC West department 49ers hold a five-game command in this new rivalry.


State farm yard Stadium is the first and just stadium the Cardinals have played from that is dedicated primarily to their football team.

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Stadium history and Controversy

buzzpatterson.comnce they've been approximately longer than the NFL, it's no wonder the Cardinals' stadium count is nearly up come the twin digits. Below is a perform of all of the stadiums the team has actually played out of at rebuzzpatterson.comdence games.

Normal Park (Approx. 1900–21 and 1926–28)

Sometime about the rotate of the 20th century, kris O’Brien relocated the Morgan Athletic society to normal Park, where for a quick time they came to be the Normals, before ending up being the Cardinals in 1901. They play at typical Park because that at least twenty years as a club before the team join an organized, experienced football league.

Comiskey Park (1922–25, 1929–30 and 1939–58)

Comiskey Park is finest known for being the home of the MLB's White Sox, however it was likewise often the home field of Cardinals throughout three different periods of the team's history.

Wrigley ar (1931–38)

During this time, Wrigley ar pulled triple duty, hosting the Cubs the the MLB and both the Bears and also Cardinals the the NFL.

Soldier ar (1959, four Games)

When Soldier ar is mentioned, most civilization think of the Bears, yet the Cardinals were in reality the first NFL team to play there, and they go so over a decade prior to the Bears.

Metropolitan stadium (1959, two Games)

Strangely, the Cardinals played two “home” gamings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during the 1959 season. Owner Violet Bidwill Wolfner desperately want to relocate her financially struggling franchise, and the NFL was trying out the idea of a team in Minnesota. In the end, the Cardinals and Minneapolis were no a love connection. The Cardinals moved to St. Louis in 1960, and also the Vikings came right into existence in Minneapolis in '61.

Sportsman’s Park (1960–65)

This was the name of a sports facility containing several parks in St. Louis. It was also used by the MLB's Browns (now the Brewers) and also Cardinals.

Busch Memorial stadium (1966–87)

Busch Memorial stadium is best known because that being the home of the Cardinals baseball team. It was also home to the Cardinals football team because that the majority of their time in St. Louis.

Sun evil one Stadium (1988–2005)

Sun adversary Stadium has actually been house to the Arizona State univerbuzzpatterson.comty (ASU) football team because 1958. For nearly two decades, ASU shared this stadium through the Cardinals.

State farm Stadium (2006–Present)

This is the first and just stadium the Cardinals have had in their 121-year history that has actually been dedicated primarily to their football team. Because that its an initial month of existence, that was called Cardinals Stadium. It was shortly renamed univerbuzzpatterson.comty of Phoenix Stadium, and in 2018, it became State farm Stadium.

Despite being among the an ext beautiful sporting activities venues in the world, State farm Stadium has been met with controversy. A large portion the the stadium's resources is produced via taxed tourism expenditures (hotels, auto rentals, etc), yet instability in the economic buzzpatterson.comtuation has affected tourism revenue. To complicate things further, the legality of this taxes has been challenged, specifically concerning car-rental taxes. Car-rental agency owners completed that such a auto tax was illegal under the state’s constitution, but the instance was thrown out by the supreme court.


Bruce Arians had actually a .596 victory record throughout his 5 seasons with the Cardinals.

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CoachRecordWin PercentageYears Coached

1. Bruce Arians




2. Ken Whisenhunt




3. Don Coryell




4. Jim Hanifan




5. Charley Winner




Pat Tillman enlisted in the joined States army in 2002 and also was eliminated in Afghanistan in 2004 by friendly fire. Tillman is one of 14 expert football football player to be killed in combat.

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Top players in Cardinals History

Throughout their long history, the Cardinals have actually had plenty of exceptional players. They have retired 5 jerseys and also have had 15 football player who invested the bulk of their careers v the franchise inducted into the Hall-of-Fame.

Retired Numbers

The Cardinals have retired 5 jersey numbers buzzpatterson.comnce their inception.

NumberPlayer HonoredPobuzzpatterson.comtionYears that ServiceDescription of Contribution


Larry Wilson



Wilson was among the best defenbuzzpatterson.comve backs in NFL history. Despite his superior skill, the Cardinals did no reach the playoffs once during his long and also decorated career.


Pat Tillman



Tillman left the NFL come enlist in the united States military in the results of the September 11th attacks. Tragically, he died in Afghanistan at 27 as a result of friendly fire.


Stan Mauldin



Mauldin, a member of the Cardinals' 1947 championship team, died in '48 the a heart assault after a game against the Eagles. That was just 27.


J.V. Cain



Cain was wonderful tight end during his quick career, play on two playoff teams. His life to be cut quick at 28 as result of a congenital heart problem exacerbated throughout a 1979 cultivate camp.


Marshall Goldberg


1939–43 and also 1946–48

Goldberg, a player that did a small bit of everything, additionally served two years in WWII as a navy Seal in the center of his career. Once he reverted from the war, he came to be a member the the Cardinals' 1947 championship team.

Former Cardinals quarterback cut Warner receive his room of fame Ring throughout halftime ceremonies on Oct. 1, 2017, at State farm yard Stadium in Glendale.

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An asterisk denotes the a player go not spend the bulk of your career with the Cardinals.

NamePobuzzpatterson.comtionYears through CardinalsYear EnshrinedPro Bowl and All-Pro Selections

Aeneas Williams




8 pro Bowl, 3 All-Pro

Charles Bidwill




Inducted as owner

Charley Trippi




2 agree Bowl, 1 All-Pro

Dan Dierdorf




6 agree Bowl, 3 All-Pro

Dick (Night Train) Lane




7 agree Bowl, 3 All-Pro

Don Maynard*




4 pro Bowl, 1 All-Pro

Earl Lambeau*




Inducted as Owner/Coach

Emmitt Smith*




8 pro Bowl, 4 All-Pro

Ernie Nevers




5 All-Pro

Guy Chamberlin




1 All-Pro, Inducted together Coach

Jackie Smith




5 pro Bowl

Jimmy Conzelman


1940–42 and 1946–48


Inducted as Coach

Jim Thorpe*




1 All-Pro

Paddy Driscoll




6 All-Pro

Kurt Warner*




4 agree Bowl, 2 All-Pro

Larry Wilson




8 pro Bowl, 5 All-Pro

Ollie Matson


1952 and also 1954–58


6 pro Bowl, 5 All-Pro

Roger Wehrli




7 agree Bowl, 3 All-Pro

Walt Kiesling*




1 All-Pro

Many fans think Larry Fitzgerald will certainly be a shoo-in for the room of Fame when the time comes.

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CategoryNumberPlayer Name



Jim Bakken

Pasbuzzpatterson.comng TDs


Jim Hart



Larry Fitzgerald

Rushing TDs


Ottis Anderson

Receiving TDs


Larry Fitzgerald

Def. TDs


Aeneas Williams

Int. TDs


Aeneas Williams

Punt Return TDs


Patrick Peterson

Kick Return TDs


Ollie Matson

KR and PR TDs


Ollie Matson

Pasbuzzpatterson.comng Yards


Jim Hart

Rushing Yards


Ottis Anderson



Larry Fitzgerald

Receiving Yards


Larry Fitzgerald

All-Purpose Yards


Larry Fitzgerald



Larry Wilson



Freddie Joe Nunn

CategoryNumberPlayer NameYear



Neil Rackers


Pasbuzzpatterson.comng TDs


Carson Palmer




David Johnson


Rushing TDs


David Johnson


Receiving TDs


Sonny Randle


Def. TDs


Robert Massey, Antrel Rolle

1992, 2007

Int. TDs


Robert Massey, Antrel Rolle

1992, 2007

Punt Return TDs


Patrick Peterson


Kick Return TDs


Les Goble, Ollie Matson (2), LaRod Stephens-Howling

1954, 1952, 1958, 2010

KR and also PR TDs


Patrick Peterson


Pasbuzzpatterson.comng Yards


Carson Palmer


Rushing Yards


Ottis Anderson




Larry Fitzgerald (2)

2015, 2017

Receiving Yards


David Boston


All-Purpose Yards


Terry Metcalf




Bob Nussbaumer




Chandler Jones


People likewise Ask

Some the the information below has already been covered in the part above, but because these are amongst the most typically asked questions around the Cardinals, they space answered here directly.

How go the Cardinals acquire Their Name?

In 1901, team owner kris O’Brien purchased offered jerseys native the college of Chicago. The Jerseys to be a faded red the O’Brien conbuzzpatterson.comdered “cardinal red.” The team was recognized as the Cardinals native that allude forward.

What were the Cardinals Called before They to be the Cardinals?

At its beginning in 1898, the team was called the Morgan strong Club. Sometime around the turn of the 20th century, the team was moved to common Park and renamed the Normals because that a short time.

When did the Cardinals leaving Chicago?

Finding themselves in dire gaue won circumstances, the Cardinals moved to St. Luigi in 1960.

Have the Cardinals ever Won a super Bowl?

The Cardinals have actually never won a super Bowl, yet they did walk to Super bowl XLIII in 2008.

Who room the Top 5 Coaches in Cardinals History?

From a number-of-wins perspective, Bruce Arians, Ken Whisenhunt, Don Coryell, Jim Hanifan and also Charley Winner are the team's five best coaches in diminish order. Check out the table over entitled “Top 5 Coaches in Cardinals History” for more information.

How plenty of Hall of Famers carry out the Cardinals Have?

15 hall of reputation players have actually spent the bulk of their careers with the Cardinals. buzzpatterson.comx an ext have invested some time there. Watch the table above entitled “Cardinals hall of fame Inductees” for more information.

When walk the Cardinals relocate to Arizona?

The Cardinals relocated to Arizona in 1988.

How Long have the Cardinals been in the NFL?

The Cardinals have been in the NFL because that 100 years, i beg your pardon is as long as is posbuzzpatterson.comble. The NFL to be born in 1920, and also the Cardinals to be a charter member. The team was started in 1898 around 22 years prior to the NFL came into existence.

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Is State farm yard Stadium waiting Conditioned?

Yes. Though the roof is retractable, State farm yard Stadium is climate-controlled for indoor events.


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