Although there are numerous claimants vying because that the illustrious title of holy Grail, Valencia, Spain’s Santo Cáliz invariably top the list.

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It is an overwhelming to get in the Valencia Cathedral without feeling a feeling of awe. Upon cross the threshold, ns was greeted with the echoes of a Gregorian chant that reverberated throughout the vaulted ceiling. Stretched prior to me to be a lengthy procession of archways leading to a single dais on the much side that the cathedral. A small set of procedures climbed up to the altar, which was encased by a half dome immaculately adorned with sculptures and paintings depicting scenes of angels and the apostles.

But i hadn’t come to Spain’s third-largest city for the see of its cathedral. Instead, ns made my way to a tiny room simply off to the side, one therefore nondescript that I’d nearly missed it on very first glance. In ~ this humble chapel, encased in glass just past the altar, was the object i was searching for: a single cup, resting upon one illuminated gold pedestal. Together legend has actually it, this is the really cup offered by Jesus Christ throughout the critical Supper – or, as the cup is more commonly known, the divine Grail.


The Valencia Cathedral homes what is said to be the holy Grail (Credit: point of view Villalba/Getty Images)

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Appearing in stories from the medieval epics that King Arthur and his knights come the silver-screen exploits that Indiana Jones, the divine Grail has actually remained one of humanity’s most sought-after treasures, a secret relic that straddles the line between fantasy and reality. Despite the idea that a chalice offered by Christ would be revered and therefore preserved by early on worshippers is a plausible one, a miracle vessel capable of approving eternal life is never stated in the Bible; it’s convention the Arthurian legend, penned by the likes that Chrétien de Troyes and Robert de Boron, two French poets who greatly shaped the development of Arthurian lore in the 12th and 13th Centuries. The an initial written point out of the grail together we’ve concerned know it is in de Troyes’ Perceval, in which that is explained not as a chalice however as a serving dish, likely harkening to the magical cauldrons that Celtic myth.

Growing up on the mythical story of King Arthur, I’ve always been a sceptic; for me, the grail is a literature treasure. Also so, i couldn’t assist but feeling intrigued by Valencia’s Santo Cáliz (Holy Chalice). There are currently an ext than 200 claimants in Europe alone, all vying for the illustrious location of holy Grail, v theories the the relic’s last resting place discovered everywhere native Scotland to Accokeek, Maryland. Yet out of every the list of claimants ns researched, Valencia’s chalice practically invariably held the height spot. The still manages to tempt pilgrims from everywhere the world, and also has even been used ceremonially by both Pope man Paul II and also Pope Benedict XVI. Eager for the possibility to monitor in the footsteps of sir Galahad top top my very own quest for the grail, I’d come right here to uncover what provides this cup therefore special amongst so many others.


The holy Grail to be the cup supplied by Jesus Christ during the last Supper (Credit: heritage Images/Getty Images)

I walked right into La Capilla del Santo Cáliz (Chapel of the Chalice) to find it empty. Although mine timing was unintentional, I’d arrived at the cathedral in the center of a massive for divine Saturday, the day prior to Easter Sunday, which supposed that every the tourists were preoccupied through the awareness in the surrounding room. A single beam of light streamed under from a stained-glass window far over the altar; the gentle hum that the far-off choir was the just sound in ~ the chapel. Though i had involved the place an ext as a researcher 보다 a pilgrim, it was hard not to be taken through the quiet solemnity the the moment.

As ns approached the altar to inspect the chalice more closely, I discovered it far an ext elaborate than I’d anticipated. V two massive gold handles and a base inlaid with pearls, emeralds and rubies, the chalice immediately filled me v a feeling of incredulity. Indeed, as anyone who has seen Indiana Jones and also the critical Crusade is aware, the holy Grail must be a straightforward thing – the cup that a carpenter.

I to be later informed by among the air stewardess just exterior the room that the actual relic is simply the piece at the top, a cup hewn indigenous agate and polished v myrrh. The handles and base, which be afflicted with the hallmarks of medieval craftsmanship, weren’t added until lot later. My scepticism temporary assuaged, ns turned come the task of discovering just how this cup supposedly do the trip from Jerusalem, whereby the last Supper is thought to have actually taken place, to the east coastline of Spain.


The chalice is carved from agate and also features large gold handles and also a basic inlaid with priceless gems (Credit: Quinn Hargitai)

As through all story of grail claimants, the tale is convoluted. One attendant of the cathedral was able to provide a straightforward explanation of just how the chalice very first made its method out of Jerusalem, part 2,000 year ago.

“St Peter, the first pope, took the cup come Rome,” she explained. “The popes to be the only people who might give mass, therefore St Peter and also the remainder of popes used the grail because that the Eucharist, considering the the one Christ used. Then, as soon as the Emperor Valerian began to persecute the believer , the was sent out to Huesca, Spain, due to the fact that it to be no longer safe in Rome.”

She walk on to define that the chalice supposedly rest in Huesca because that a few hundred years, prior to being moved again throughout the Umayyad occupations of the 8 hours Century, nestled in the cliff-side monastery of mountain Juan de la Peña in north Spain for fear of plundering.

Granted, accounts of these an initial thousand year of the grail’s journeys are past anyone’s ability to verify. The an ext reliable documents of this chalice show up in 1399, as soon as it became component King martin of Aragon’s imperial reliquary. Follow to the cathedral’s records, after ~ Alfonso the Magnanimous take it the throne in 1416, the reliquary was moved to Valencia and later provided to the cathedral together a payment because that a debt. Though the chalice to be spirited away a couple of more time on the chance of war, the inevitably returned to the Valencia Cathedral in 1939 – this time because that good.


According to legend, the cup was brought to Spain from Rome throughout Emperor Valerian’s persecution of believer in the 3rd Century advertisement (Credit: Quinn Hargitai)

Though sophisticated account, the story alone to be not sufficient to do me think this to be the one true grail. ~ all, almost all the grail claimants boast complex tales of just how the relic was carried throughout seas and also over mountains. Because none that the accounts have the right to be verified, what has actually made so many believe that this is the one?

The main detail that sets the Valencia chalice personal is the style and craft of the agate cup, i beg your pardon Spanish excavator Antonio Beltrán, that studied the chalice in 1960, insurance claims indicates an beginning somewhere between the second Century BC to the first Century AD, likely from a workshop in the center East. The historical assessment suggests that this cup fits the bill, at least geographically and also chronologically. Though far from critical proof, the findings certainly bolster the chalice’s claim.

As i stared at the agate cup relaxing in its glass case, there was one thought that ongoing to occupy my mind. If this to be in fact the holy Grail, one of the many legendary artefacts of all time, might it really be this easy? This was an alleged to it is in the cup sought ~ time and time again by the heroes of old, only ever before attained through those of purest heart – and also yet below it was, not hidden within the deep recesses the some remote cave yet resting in a city centre surrounding by cafes filled with people casually sipping espressos.

As ns made my method to leave, ns asked one of the attendants she opinion. ~ all, no the story of noble pursuits in quest of the holy Grail not rather tarnished through the truth that the was here simply for all the people to see?

“I think the an enig remains,” she stated with a laugh that make me feeling it was not the first time she’d heard the question, “After all, this isn’t also the only holy Grail in Spain. You have actually to pick which is the actual one for yourself.”


Quinn Hargitai: “The treasure isn’t the cup, yet the stories we have actually crafted approximately it transparent time” (Credit: Quinn Hargitai)

Later on, when doing some an ext research, ns learned what she meant. In 2014, two historians published emperors of the Grail, a publication in i beg your pardon they case to have uncovered the true grail in the Basilica of mountain Isidoro of León in northern Spain. The pair cited two freshly discovered ancient Egyptian manuscripts together the resource of their discovery. Just as with Valencia’s chalice, the brand-new claimant had a detailed history behind it, and was likewise scientifically date to the suitable timeframe.

Though the new discovery throws the Valencia chalice’s insurance claim into contention, i couldn’t assist but feeling an odd sense of reassurance. For me, the true wonder the the divine Grail was never ever in the finding, however in the searching. The treasure isn’t the cup, but the stories we have actually crafted around it throughout time. Ns felt content understanding that so lengthy as brand-new contenders proceed to appear, the mystery will endure, the legend will certainly survive and also the pursuit for the divine Grail will go on.

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