A video of the exact moment as soon as lightning to win behind the Statue that Liberty has gone famous on the internet.

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Lightning strikes behing the Statue that Liberty throughout thunderstorm. (Photo: Screenshot from the video clip posted ~ above Twitter by Mikey Cee.)
A serious storm relocated through the brand-new York City area causing heavy rains and lightning flashes. A dramatic video, recorded during the thunderstorm, mirrors the specific moment once lightning struck behind the Statue that Liberty.

The breathtaking video has unable to do crazy famous on social and also has left netizens amazed. Twitter user Mikey Cee shooting the video which reflects lightning virtually striking the above Statue that Liberty.

"The best video I ever captured. #NewYork #WeatherChannel #NYC (sic)," he wrote while sharing the clip.

The best video I ever captured. #NewYork #WeatherChannel #NYC pic.twitter.com/cOBqTqJ9LO

— Mikey Cee (
_Mikey_Cee) July 22, 2020

In the 21-second-clip, one deserve to see dark clouds hovering over the Statue the Liberty. Then, lightning strikes behind the statue, bring about some spine-chilling visuals. One can likewise hear the according to thunder in the clip. According to new York Post, the footage was filmed indigenous a dock on Ellis Island.

Since gift shared, the video has garnered over 1.7 million views. Much more than 14k human being retweeted this clip. Netizens had actually a lot to say about it and they took to the comments ar to express their thoughts.

Check out few of the reaction here:

If this isn’t a perfect metaphor for 2020, ns don’t know what is.

patricialclark) July 22, 2020

This is truly an impressive video. You should be elated to have recorded it. Simply viewing the clip is spine chilling.

— Tony Berry (
teejay06) July 23, 2020

Some customers wondered if this to be a step from the film Ghostbusters.

All it"s absent is Ghostbusters sound track. Https://t.co/WKGIU7Vbfh

— Amy Alkon (
nancy_mahony) July 23, 2020

It"s God"s warning to every one of us the our freedom can be struck down at any time and also not to take it it for granted.

— feeling it Tweet it! (
LiZaisatweetie) July 23, 2020

Damn Mikey! superior Capture! The hair on her arms must have actually risen for much more reasons 보다 one.

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— TrumpIsATraitor Florida #resister (
yoyofavoriteson) July 23, 2020

According come The Independent, an effective thunderstorms space heading in the direction of the northeast the the US v 56 million people at threat of the significant weather condition.

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