Tic Tac simply announced a whole brand-new product line, and it"s one that renders so much sense you have to wonder why that hasn"t occurred sooner: Tic Tac Gum. Yes, those plastic rectangles full of four-calorie mints now come in a texture-changing variety, where they begin out favor the liquid you"ve well-known for years, only to soften right into gum instead of cracked apart and dissolving as you chew.

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Given the reality that Chiclets, Eclipse, and Dentyne currently exist, it provides sense that Tic Tac would also venture right into the gum-with-a-crunchy-coating territory.

Tic Tac"s launching with three flavors: Freshmint, Spearmint, and — if you like summery, tropical flavors to sinus-clearing freshness — Cool Watermelon. Prior to you storm her nearest Walmart or 7-Eleven, though, recognize that through this news is an practice in patience: every three flavors won"t hit stores till January 2018. Come announce the news, the brand developed a vast Rube Goldberg-esque contraption, making use of 7,000 package of Tic Tacs:

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If you"re plan a European vacation though, girlfriend can gain your hands on castle sooner. Italy uses the gum in Freshmint and also Cool Watermelon, as well as one you won"t discover stateside: licorice mint. (Italy"s often one step ahead the us as soon as it concerns the candy: the debuted Simpsons-inspired treats last year, and offered banana-flavored Minion ones back when the U.S. Marketed a passion fruit variety.)

The agency describes all three as being "everything you love around Tic Tac, now in a gum," and also they"re every sugar-free. It"s unclear whether they"ll be 4 calorie apiece too.

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