chris Fox, published Saturday, June 13, 2020 11:34AM EDT last Updated Saturday, June 13, 2020 3:03PM EDT

Fans reaction in the finals minute that the video game in Jurassic Park together the Toronto Raptors defeat the gold State Warriors during Game 6 NBA Finals to success the NBA Championship, in Toronto top top Thursday, June 13, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

It has actually been one year due to the fact that the Toronto Raptors won an NBA championship, setup of a massive celebration in the highways that may seem particularly far gotten rid of in the context of a an international pandemic.

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The Raptors defeated the golden State warriors 114-110 top top June 13, 2019 to insurance claim the very first NBA location in the franchise history.

The win unified a city and also a country and also was later commemorated with a massive parade in downtown Toronto that was to visit by countless people.

Speaking v reporters top top Saturday, Mayor john Tory conceded that win and the celebration it set off currently “seems so lengthy ago” yet he said that his memories of it stay fresh and may sell a class of sorts.

“I think what was an excellent about it was civilization coming together,” he said. “People to be together favor I have never viewed before. In prior of Scotiabank Arena at Jurassic Park girlfriend had world from every corner of the city, indigenous every corner of the country. The united all of Canada, not just Toronto and also it united them behind a team of athletes who had such heart. You recognize they never gave up and also I hope the is a post that world will require to heart ~ above the anniversary, particularly in the challenge of the pandemic when a lot of of civilization feel a feeling of hopelessness and also helplessness. Don’t ever give up.”

The NBA season has been ~ above hold due to the fact that March 11 therefore the Raptors space still defending champions.

While there room plans come resume the NBA season in Orlando later this summer, the proposal is still, topic to negotiations through the players’ association.

On Saturday, Tory stated that the team will continue to be champions “until further notice” as much as he is concerned.

“If they never get roughly to play the playoffs ns guess us would remain the champs for two years i m sorry is fine v me. We deserve it,” the said.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likewise took to Twitter ~ above Saturday to great the Raptors a happy anniversary, call the location "a minute we will never ever forget."

The Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square will certainly be lit in red and also black tonight to note the anniversary that the Raptors championship.