US chairman Donald Trump has actually said he and an initial Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and also are now self-isolating.

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Mr Trump, aged 74 and therefore in a high-risk group, created on Twitter: "We will acquire through this together."

Mr Trump's announcement comes simply over a month before the presidential elections on 3 November, wherein he faces autonomous challenger Joe Biden.

FLOTUS and also I tested hopeful for COVID-19. Us will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will acquire through this TOGETHER!

— Donald J. Trump (

In a tweet, mr Biden and also his wife Jill wished the first pair a swift recovery: "We will continue to pray for the health and safety the the president and also his family," that said.

It is not clear whether grandfather Biden is also being tested, and whether he will continue his campaign on Friday through a scheduled visit to Michigan. That stood around 10ft (3m) away from mr Trump during the debate.

A human being is compelled to self-isolate after ~ either showing coronavirus symptom or a hopeful test. Meanwhile, quarantine restricts the movements of those who have been in contact through an infected person, yet are not themselves confident or symptomatic.

Mr Trump has actually mostly spurned mask-wearing and also has regularly been pictured not socially distanced v aides or others during official engagements.

Mr Trump's physician, Dr Sean Conley, exit a statement so late on Thursday, speak the president and also the first lady to be "both well at this time, and also they plan to continue to be at residence within the White House throughout their convalescence".

"Rest assured I suppose the president to proceed carrying the end his duties there is no disruption if recovering, and also I will store you to update on any kind of future developments," the statement said.

However, White home officials and also US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin later said grandfather Trump was enduring mild Covid-19 symptoms.


According to grandfather Trump's many recent physics examination earlier this year, he sweet 244lbs (110.7kg). This is taken into consideration to it is in obese for his height of 6ft 3ins.

But Dr Conley proclaimed at the moment that the president "remains healthy". Mr Trump will likewise have the ideal medical care available.

America's Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC) states a person must self-isolate for 10 job after a hopeful test.


There space clear risk components - the older friend are, the higher the risk of a coronavirus infection ending up being life-threatening.

People aged 64-74 v Covid in the us are 5 times an ext likely to require hospital care and 90 times more likely to dice than someone in your 20s.

But the is the large picture - a pattern seen throughout the whole population - that is no a method of speak this is what will happen to the united state president.

The wellness of any kind of two 74-year-olds deserve to be insanity different and also other medical problems massively change how huge a danger this virus poses.

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Earlier top top Thursday, grandfather Trump said he and also his wife, who is 50, to be going come self-isolate after multiple sclerosis Hicks's positive test.