Long prior to he was a challenger for the us presidency, Donald Trump was America's many famous and also colourful billionaire.

Once considered a long shot for the presidency, the 74-year-old is now out of office ~ a single term - however he continues to be a pressure within the Republican party.

Scepticism end his candidacy for the 2016 election had actually stemmed not just from his controversial platform on immigration and outrageous project style but from his celebrity past.

Yet the businessman had actually the last laugh when he defied every predictions come beat much much more seasoned politicians in the Republican major race.

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He then went a step additional by to win the presidential election, among the most divisive and also controversial contests in living memory, against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

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Mr trump is the 4th child of new York actual estate tycoon Fred Trump. In spite of the family's wealth, that was supposed to work the lowest-tier work within his father's firm and was sent out off to a army academy at period 13 as soon as he began misbehaving in school.

After attending the Wharton school at the university of Pennsylvania he became favourite to success his father as soon as his older brother, Fred, decided to become a pilot. Fred Trump died at 43 from alcoholism, an occurrence that his brother says led that to protect against alcohol and cigarettes his entire life.

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Mr Trump claims he obtained into actual estate through a "small" $1m loan native his father before joining the company. He helped control his father's comprehensive portfolio that residential housing projects in the brand-new York City boroughs, and also took regulate of the firm - i m sorry he renamed the Trump company - in 1971.

Shifting his family's company from residential systems in Brooklyn and also Queens come glitzy Manhattan projects, grandfather Trump changed the overview Commodore Hotel right into the cool Hyatt and erected the most well known Trump property, the 68-storey trump card Tower on fifth Avenue. Various other properties bearing the famed name followed - trump card Place, Trump civilization Tower, Trump global Hotel and also Tower, and also so on. There space Trump Towers in Mumbai, Istanbul and the Philippines.

And mr Trump occurred hotels and also casinos, an arm of the business that has led to 4 bankruptcy filings (for the businesses, not personal bankruptcy).

He likewise built realm in the entertain business. From 1996 until 2015, he to be an owner in the miss Universe, miss out on USA, and Miss teen USA beauty pageants. In 2003, that debuted an NBC reality television present called The Apprentice, in i beg your pardon contestants completed for a shot at a management job within mr Trump's organisation. He held the show for 14 seasons, and also said in a gaue won disclosure kind that he had been paid a complete of $213m by the network during the show's run.

He has actually written number of books, and owns a line of merchandise that sells everything from neckties to bottled water. Follow to Forbes, his net worth is $2.5bn (£1.9bn).

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In September, the new York time reported that in spite of his purported wealth, mr Trump paid just $750 in federal earnings tax both in 2016 and also in his first year in the White House. The previous president dismissed the report as "fake news".

Mr Trump has been married 3 times, though his most famed wife to be his an initial - Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech athlete and also model. The couple had three children - Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric - prior to they filed for divorce in 1990. The taking place court fight made for numerous stories in the tabloid press. Those stories had allegations that he was abusive in the direction of Ivana, though she later downplayed the incidents.