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- Huh? (3)

- Don"t tell me girlfriend don"t remember Hi, Dad Soup! Oh, come on. Sure you do.

- You supplied to spell things out making use of the letters, like, uh, Hi, Dad, or Maxie, or...

- Ambidextrous?

- Yeah! That"s... Huh? No! small words like...

- Hasta la vista?

- prefer Bye-bye.

- Or ns pledge allegiance...

- Ayuk-ayuk. Or ns love you.

- Is, uh... Is the soup yet?

- Oh, oh. I almost forgot.

- Whoa! Where"d you find out to execute that?

- her grandad teach me that as soon as we visited Yosemite.



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Actors: bill Farmer (Goofy), Jim Cummings (Pete), Pauly shore ("Bobby" Zimuruski), Kellie boy name (Roxanne), Jason Marsden ("Max" Goof), plunder Paulsen (P.J.)

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