HATE has actually NO HOME right here garden Sign and Stake

24" x 18" - do of Corrugated Plastic 100% Waterproof - double Sided

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Window Decal

5" Diameter window Decal - ADHESIVE ON prior front Adhesive Sticker offered for inside window mounting.

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Printed home window Poster - Vertical

18" x 12" printed Poster, Vertical; for inside display screen only

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Printed window Poster - Horizontal

18" x 12" published Poster, Horizontal; for inside display only

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WHAT IS HATE has actually NO HOME here ABOUT?


Hate, unchecked, have the right to make neighbors feel fearful and also unwelcome in their own communities. The Hate has actually No Home below project reminds us what it means to it is in American.


The Hate has actually No Home below project looks for to declare community residences, businesses, and also places the community free from dislike speech and also behavior, providing safe places for conversation, work, learning, and also living.


Hate has No house Here urges other areas to take part in combating hateful messages and behavior in their neighborhoods by going past the poster or sign. In the phibìc Park neighborhood, we have actually used this possibility to gather neighbors, start conversations about protecting and also encouraging every other, and also make plans because that using resources to educate others.


The “Hate has No house Here” sign project began with a team of neighbors from north Park, a Chicago neighborhood defined by that is diversity that age, race, nationality and also ethnicity. Many ties tie the occupants of north Park come one another; the most notable is the community school, Peterson elementary School, whereby the college student body mimics the demographics of the neighborhood and where educators and also families are committed to celebrate diversity. The phrase supplied in this poster to be imagined through a 3rd grader and kindergartener in ~ Peterson elementary School; Steven Luce, a phibìc Park neighbor and also designer, developed the graphics; and also neighbors Catherine Korda, Barbara Nordlund, Megan Trinter, Carmen Rodriguez, Jeanne Marie Olson and also Kurt Peterson secured the translations, organized and also launched the campaign.


The Hate has actually No Home here movement is built approximately a an easy idea: it’s basic to hate civilization we nothing know. Posters and yard indications are just the beginning. What starts as powerful, positive messaging continues in relationship-building, dialogue, and communal action. When next-door neighbors of different races, religions, and nationalities move past indifference to investment in one another, we knock out the underpinnings that racism and also intolerance, and make possible a much better future for our communities.


No. This authorize is a windy declaration that hate speech and hateful actions versus others will certainly not be tolerated by the human or company displaying the sign. In that, the is non-partisan. This authorize is a explain that, while the is okay to disagree through others civilly about issues, it is no okay to intimidate or attack a human or group—verbally or physically—based on qualities such together gender, country origin, religion, race, disability, or sex-related orientation. The color of the sign—red, white, and blue—are the color of the American flag, not any political party.

WHY RED and also BLUE?

The background colors were designed to loose mimic the colors of the American flag, together the message is intended come cross all lines of distinction to bring us with each other under our American identity. Maintaining the artwork to 2 colors likewise reduces printing costs.

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More information around the Hate has No Home below initiative have the right to be discovered here.

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